Stick War Legacy is a strategy game developed by Max Studios. It is a stick-figure game that is fun with building your army and fighting. Stick War Legacy updated new versions of the game from time to time but old players feel nostalgia for Stick War’s old version. In this guide, we will learn about the features of the old version and what it lacked.

Most of the Stick War Legacy players say that Stick War Legacy old version 2016 is still the best. In new and older versions there is a world where various nations fight for a way to overcome each other. The reason why most people chose Stick War Legacy’s old version 102. So, here are some reasons why players still  consider the old version:

stick war legacy old version

Less Complex Gameplay

Stick War Legacy old version has a simple gameplay structure. It is so easy and players have to jump right into playing. There are just a few types of warriors you can control, each with a basic attack. No fancy upgrades or special abilities to worry about.

Since there’s less to learn, you can figure out how to win quicker.  There is no need to spend time strategizing complex moves or remembering tons of unit types. You can just focus on building your army and controlling them in battle.

Performance and Compatibility

Stick War Legacy old version is more compatible than the new versions. It can run well on older devices without any discomfort. The old version takes less processing power from your device because the visuals and code are simpler. This means it will work effectively on phones and tablets that may struggle with newer, more visually complicated versions.

Stick War Legacy older versions also work with old operating systems. The older version of Stick War Legacy might be compatible with devices that can’t run the newest version because it was designed for an earlier time.

Changes in New versions

The Stick War Legacy old version players dislike some of the new features in the new versions. Some users may oppose the introduction of microtransactions in newer editions, preferring the simpler monetization strategy of the earlier game.

Some players prefer the older version of Stick War Legacy because it lets them have everything unlocked right away. This is different from the newer versions, where you might have to work to unlock characters, abilities, or other features.

Some players get frustrated by updates to Stick War Legacy. These updates might change how the game works, like making some characters stronger or adding new ways to play that they don’t like. By sticking with the older version, these players can keep playing the game exactly how they remember and enjoyed it.

Evolution of Stick War Legacy 

The Evolution of Stick War Legacy 2009 to 2022 is a journey of real-time challenges and changes. Some people enjoyed these changes while some old players still stuck to the old version. 

Here are some significant old versions of Stick War Legacy:

Simplest Stick War Legacy Old Version 

Stick War back in 2016

Stick War Legacy old version 2016 was very simple to play and it had some fun features that are not available in newer versions. List of some features that are better than the new versions:

  • The Campaign Mode was the main attraction, letting you conquer more territories and making you more dominant. 
  • In this version you had access to basic units, you don’t need to unlock them.
  • You would collect gold to mine and build your army stronger.

Updated and Safer Old Version 

Stick War Legacy old version 2018 is safer than the older version. It offered more varieties of units and challenges. This latest version also worked efficiently with older devices and operating systems. 

Stick War Legacy’s old version 2019 is not so different from this version, it is just more updated and safer. If you want to download Stick War Legacy’s old version, you can go on some safer sites. Stick War Legacy old version download will have some risks so, choose wisely.

Stick War Legacy MOD Menu Old Version 

If you are playing Stick War Legacy on PC, you need to download the Stick War Legacy mod menu old version. But if you are an Android user this version will give more benefits like unlimited gems, more refreshed gold, god mode, and swift victory. Most people want Stick War Legacy mod APK unlimited gold and gems old version to enjoy these perks.

Stick War Legacy old version Hack in mod APK gives you access to a lot of privileges that are not available in other versions.  Here are some features of this mod APK version:

  • Unlimited Gems and gold
  • Never-ending territories entries 
  • Unlimited upgrades
  • No Ads
  • Unlocked all skins and characters 
stick war legacy older version unlimited everything


Players prefer older versions of Stick War Legacy, particularly the 2016 version, for simpler gameplay, better performance, and nostalgia, as they enjoy the simpler, less demanding graphics and code.

The guide also mentioned some downsides to using older versions, like lack of security updates and missing features. It offered the latest version on the official app store as the safest option.

Ultimately, the choice depends on what you prioritize. If you want a simpler, more nostalgic experience that runs well on an older device, an older version might be tempting. But if you value security updates, the latest features, and a wider range of content, the official version is the way to go.


Stick War is a game series created by Jason Whitham that has been released on a variety of platforms throughout the years. The series began with the publication of its first title, Stick War, which was launched on StickPage in 2008.

If you want to download the new version then it is available on the Google Appa Store but the old version is not available on it. If you want to download the old version you can download it on our website.

Yes, you can play Stick War Legacy 0 95 3 APK on PC by downloading the mod menu old version.

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