Stick War Legacy Cheats v2023.5.306 Brainstorm the Strategies

Stick War Legacy is a sick-figured strategy game developed by Max Game Studios. The game itself is based on a war theme and is well set up for beginners. But if you download the Google Play Store version of the game, all you get is limited features and limited characters in the game. You never like it to play on those limited terms? No problem; we are here to help you. Either you download the Stick War Legacy MOD APK version or you can follow the Stick War Legacy cheats that we are going to discuss on our website.

You are wondering what the difference is between the MOD and Stick War Legacy cheats. The MOD offers you all the features in abundance and all the features unlocked, including the upgrades, weapons, and all the characters. But for cheats, you have to play the game very cleverly to achieve all the rewards in the game.

We are going to list down all the cheats, or, as we say, the tricks that help you earn gems at a faster pace:

stick war legacy cheat

Tricks (Cheats) to achieve more Gems

  • The best technique for collecting gems and chests is to beat the normal mode and then go to the bonus level, which has many rewards. After that, you repeat another normal mode campaign and beat anything, earning roughly 2500–3000 gems per hour, for a total of 72000 gems per day.
  • Another faster way is to play the bonus levels (the ones with the stars), and you will gain 1500 gems in around 30 minutes, at the lowest.
  • If you repeat the sixth challenge, you will receive a great amount of money. You get about 4000 gems every 2 or 1 hour.
  • You finish story mode on normal and get the swordwrath vamp skin yet again. You can get 3000 gems in an hour using this.

And to get the gems without thinking about any limitations, just go for the Stick War Legacy MOD version and not the Stick War Legacy Cheat. Download the modified version of Stick War 2 from the Stick War series.

We emphasize that cheats are merely for entertainment or fun, such as unlocking skins or accessing hidden levels, and avoid anything that gives an unfair advantage in competitive games.

We encourage readers to play responsibly and ethically!

stick war legacy unlimited gems

Campaigns and prizes are the finest ways to earn gems. Check the main menu to see which trophies are still locked and how many gems they provide. Every time you complete a side quest for skins, you get gems instead. You may get the gems for half or the full value of the skins. A 20- to 30-minute campaign can be completed on average. Finally, farming stars or chests is simple, and it’s incredibly simple and quick with fully leveled swordwrath. Chests will reward you with gems, spells, and skins.

Are There Any Stick War Legacy Cheats for Unlocked Skins?

We won’t offer you any cheats for unlocking the skins for all the characters in the game. But we can give you a trick for getting almost all the skins opened for playing at a better level:

  • Gather enough gems before opening chests. Larger chests increase your chances of finding rare and valuable skins.
  • Keep an eye out for special events or promotions that give bonus gifts or improve your chances of obtaining the skins you like.
  • Explore online forums or communities where players share techniques and tips for increasing chest value and earning desired skins.
stick war legacy unlocked skins

Stick War Legacy Codes: Helping you Enjoy All the Features

And for just fun and entertainment, we help you earn different features of the game by using Stick War Legacy cheat codes, which you can use to play the game with the finest strategies and gameplay. Below are the codes mentioned, along with what they offer:

  1. LEGACYMASTER123: Become the greatest Stick War Legacy master with this code, which provides you with 123 diamonds and unlocks all upgrades!
  2. GOLDENARCHER2021: Recruit the Golden Archer in Stick War: Legacy and gain 2021 gold coins to improve your ranged forces!
  3. STICKFORTRESS42X: In Stick War: Legacy, you must construct an unbreakable castle with four additional walls and 200 archers to defend your area.

How to Use the Stick War Legacy Cheat Codes

Follow these procedures for using a gift of Stick War Legacy cheat code:

  • Begin by installing the game on your device.
  • Tap on the menu icon (which is normally located in the upper-right corner of the screen).
  • Choose “Shop” from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Use Code” button.
  • Add your code.
  • To use the code, click the “Submit” button.
  • You will be rewarded or get in-game items related to the gift code.

You can also find the different codes that provide you with the different locked features. Simply add the codes the same way we have mentioned above.


Stick Warriors! You’ve stumbled across a battlefield filled with conquest, creativity, and the thrill of victory. But, before you go looking for Stick War Legacy cheat codes, keep in mind that the heart of Stick War Legacy isn’t hidden behind shortcuts; it’s pulsing inside the strategic depths of this stickman masterpiece. You can also download the Stick War Legacy Hack version to enjoy all the premium features for free.

So, warriors, put down your cheat blades and raise your banner of strategy! The battlefield awaits, not just for achievements but also for the opportunity to create your own legend, one stickman maneuver at a time. Unleash your inner strategist, accept the challenge, and allow the genuine essence of Stick War Legacy to inspire your desire for epic conquest!

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