Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 2: Which One is Better? – Detailed Comparison

Both Stick War 2 and Stick War Legacy are popular strategy games featuring simplistic stick-figure characters engaged in epic battles. The first game in this series was Stick War, which was released in 2009. Stick War Legacy was developed by Max Games Studios and released on November 20, 2015, primarily for mobile platforms. Stick War 2 was developed by Jason Whitham and Brock White ( and released in 2012–2017 as a flash game for web browsers.

Stick War Legacy vs stick war 2

Both games have amazing features, gameplay, and modified features. We will discuss every aspect of both games in Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 2, so after reading this article, you guys can easily decide which game is best among them.

PropertiesStick war LegacyStick War 2
Current Version2023.5.201Jan 31, 2016
Released DateJan 31,2016Jan 31, 2016
CompatibilityAndroid 8.0 or aboveAndroid 8.0 or above
DeveloperMax Games
iOS availabilityYesYes
File Size113 MB65.5 MB
Download100 M5 M+
Stick war legacy vs stick war 2

Basic Points of Stick War Legacy Vs Stick War 2

As we discussed before, both games are from the same series, but there is a prominent difference between both games: Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 2, as well as Stick War Legacy vs. Stick War 3. Let’s discuss the differences between both games.

FeatureStick War LegacyStick War 2
FormatMobile game (iOS & Android)Flash game (unplayable)
StoryNo specific storyline, multiple factionsUnique storyline with Order Empire vs. Insurgency
GameplayMore streamlined, automatic unit production, simpler controlsEmphasis on tactical unit placement, resource management, direct unit deployment
ContentMore units, items, and game modes (campaign, survival, endless, challenges)Limited units and game modes (campaign, online multiplayer)
MonetizationIn-app purchases and adsPaid game
VisualsMore advanced graphics and animationsBasic stick figure graphics
Basic Differences

If we look at the storylines for both games, the storyline for Stick War Legacy is straightforward, as in this game you have to lead your army and attack the enemies in Inarmota. The gameplay of Stick War Legacy is so lengthy because of its multiple campaigns and levels. But in Stick War 2, you have fewer campaigns, all with different storylines, and the missions are also more open-ended, giving you more freedom to choose how you want to fight each battle.

Stick War Legacy can be considered shorter in length compared to Stick War 2, but it has more levels and campaigns. Its campaign mode typically consists of around 28 levels, offering a decent amount of gameplay. Stick War Legacy is generally less technical compared to Stick War 2. 

Stick War 2 is longer but has fewer campaigns compared to Stick War Legacy. It typically offers a more extensive campaign mode with a smaller number of levels, providing players with a deeper and more immersive gaming experience. It was also considered more technical than Stick War Legacy.

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Which Game Has Good Weapons?

Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 2 both are amazing games and have a huge fan base. We will explain the difference between the two games, but you, according to your choice, will decide which game is suitable for you.

In Stick War Legacy, the rather simple units and weapons system. You can choose a weapon depending on the type of attack. In Stick Wars Legacy, all the units have a specific role during the war. If you talk about Sworwrath and Archer, both have specific attack powers. The first one is melee, while the latter one is ranged attack units. You can also check Stick War Legacy modified features to enjoy this game at its peak.

  • Standard Weapons: swords, spears, bows, and giant hammers for each basic unit type (swordsman, spearman, archer, giant).
  • Special Weapons: These vary depending on the faction and can include explosive maces, flaming swords, boomerangs, and magical staves. Some factions have unique weapon sets.
  • Upgrades: Players can upgrade weapons to enhance their damage, range, and other attributes.

In Stick War 2, both units and weapons have a variety of abilities and upgrades. You can upgrade the abilities of your units, like Swordwrath, by spending a little money in the game store. Or the weapon abilities can be upgraded, like attack, damage, and range. You can also upgrade your weapons by downloading the Stick War 2 MOD APK.

  • Standard Weapons: Similar to Stick War Legacy, with swords, spears, and bows for basic units.
  • Special Weapons: Fewer options compared to Stick War Legacy, primarily focused on Order Empire technology like laser cannons and plasma swords.
  • Limited Upgrades: Upgrades mainly focused on unit stats rather than specific weapon enhancements.

Stick War Legacy: Easy Gameplay

A very easy and simple game if you know the tricks to play and win the game. If you are good at keeping your defense strong and making your attacks powerful on enemy bases. You will get the Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 2 weapons, units, gameplay, and requirements.

FactionsMultiple factions with unique units, strengths, and weaknesses (e.g., Archer faction, Magikill faction).
UnitsStandard units (Swordsman, Spearman, Archer, Giant) and special units with varied abilities across factions.
UpgradesUpgrade units to enhance stats, unlock special abilities, and equip different weapons.
Resource ManagementGold is the primary resource for building and upgrading units.
Game ModesCampaign mode with various levels, survival mode, endless mode, and challenges.
Unit ProductionAutomatic unit production from designated structures.
Special AbilitiesEach faction or unit may have unique special abilities to activate during battle.

You can use spells in one go and have to purchase them using gems, or you can buy chests and get spells in them at opening. Also, in mission mode, many times the spells are given for free. The eight spells are:

  • Miner Hustle: miner start working at double speed for 30 seconds
  • Swordwrath Rage: The Attack Speed of Swordwrath is doubled for 20 seconds
  • Archidon Rage: A large number of arrows are thrown for 5 seconds without stopping
  • Spearton Madness: Speartons spears throw cando a double damage for 20 seconds
  • Golden Archidon: To get a legendary golden archidon
  • Heal All: The damage to the health of units can cause game loss. But heal all, heal all the units and get their health to full potential
  • Meric: A powerful healing unit can be attained by meric
  • Golden Spearton: When nothing works, you can call the golden spearton from the higher-ranked army
  • Summon the Elite: A group of elite soldiers can be called from westwind plains to win the almost-lost game

Each unit gets the options for the eight different weapons for fighting. The upgrade option is only available in armor. You get the complete guide to play and win the game. You can spend money on gems and chests. The achievements option is available on the start screen of the game.

But if you want to play this game with other players around the world and compete with them, you have to install Google Play Games on your device. For a fully unlocked game, we provide you with the Stick War Legacy MOD APK on our website.

Googl play Games

Stick War 2: Stronger Elements

Stick War 2 has amazing gameplay with many different elements to use in the game. A complete collection of the game Stick War 2 is mentioned precisely below. There is a strong elemental difference between Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 2.

FactionsTwo primary factions: Order Empire (technologically advanced) and Insurgency (resourceful rebels).
UnitsStandard units (Swordsman, Spearman, Archer) and special units (Giants, Mages) for each faction.
UpgradesUpgrade units to enhance stats and unlock special abilities.
Resource ManagementGold is the primary resource for building and upgrading units.
Game ModesCampaign mode with a storyline and online multiplayer battles.
Unit PlacementPlayers directly deploy and position units on the battlefield.
Leader AbilitiesEach faction leader possesses unique abilities that can influence the battle.

In the customization option, you get hundreds of options to choose from for your different units. You have the option of setting it in the top right corner of your screen for your audio, video, and gameplay. The picture with all the setting options is available below

Stick war 3 settings

Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 2 customization is not very prominent, except for the fact that Stick War 2 gives more options for customization and upgrades for the abilities than Stick War Legacy. You can also download the updated sequel of Stick War known as Stick War 3 MOD APK.

Difference between the Popularity of Stick War Legacy Vs Stick War 2


All the games in the Stick War category have huge fan bases but today we will discuss the popularity of 2 games Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 2. Both the game has amazing gameplay, exciting features, and mod features. But Stick War Legacy is more popular than Stick War 2. Due to its accessibility, diverse content, and ongoing development, Stick War Legacy has garnered a larger and more active player base, making it arguably the most popular game in the series currently.

Stick War Legacy is a mobile game readily available on iOS and Android and boasts significantly higher accessibility, reaching a wider audience. You can also download Stick War Legacy For PC, for Android, and Stick War Legacy IOS from our website. On the other hand, Stick War 2 is a Flash game, it’s no longer officially playable due to the demise of Flash technology. This significantly limits its accessibility and potential player base.

You can also calculate The popularity of Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 2 with its stats, which is the number of downloads of both games on the Google Play Store. Well, before you question why we are not talking about the ratings of Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 2, we will answer you for that. The rating of the game Stick War Legacy is 4.7, while there is no rating count available for Stick War 2 on the Google Play Store. Also ready is the comparison between Stick war legacy vs Age of war 2

Popularity StatsStick War LegacyStick War 2
Downloads100 Million5 Million
Popularity: Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 2

Another statistic that we can add to Pupularity Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 2 is the reviews, which cannot be measured, but you have to manually check the positive and negative reviews on the Google Play Store and App Store. For the ease of our audience, we have added Stick War Legacy reviews from both Android and iOS users to our website for them to decide which game to play or if they will be playing both.

An overview video on YouTube will let you decide which game is better between Stick War Legacy and Stick War 2. The overview is not from the current year, but it helps you understand a lot about the game.

YouTube video

You can also read the other comparison articles like Stick War Legacy Vs Age of War, Age of War VS Age of War 2. and other articles as well. You can also download the modified version of Stick War games to enjoy all the features of these games without any charges or in-app purchases. You can download the old versions of Stick War Legacy and enjoy. Visit now and download your favorite Stick Man Game.

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