Finally, the wait is over for Stick War 3 players. Stick War 3 latest update new skins is hot gossip among the players. This is the latest update for Stick War 3 players and they are wondering what changes are made in this new update. This update is a win-win situation for those who lost gems in the previous update.

stick war 3 update

The Units Updated

In this Stick War 3 update skins are for some of the units while the other units remain un-updated. Stick War fans are waiting for the update for the remaining units. Here are the  units that are updated:

  • Jugger Knight
  • Riprider
  • Dead unit 
  • Enslaved Miner
  • Magikill

Plus Points in this Stick War 3 Update 

This Stick War 3 update is not only worked on skins but it also worked on some other things. New players also have a benefit from this update because the skins are cheap. They don’t need a lot of gems to unlock the new skins. Below are some key points which are seen in this update:

  • Dead units have bags now so they can carry gold in these bags.
  • Jugger Knight now has a new technique. In this Stick War 3, Update got a leg attack and a cheering animation.
  • The skin prices went from 450 to 150 gems which is too cheap.
  • Attacks are better than before the update

Most likes Update Features 

Here are some Stick War 3 update features that are liked by fans. Players got their hands on the new features immediately shared their thoughts and reviewed these updates:

Presenting you some skins liked by Stick War 3 fans:

  • Enslaved miner’s Treeturous bag
  • Dead’s Frostbite Head
  • Jugger Knights’ Vicidiuos Axe
  • Riprider’s Boulderplate Schyte
  • Enslaved Miner’s  Frostbite PickAxe
  • Magikill’s Red Blade Hat 
  • Enslaved Miner’s Frostbite Bite
  • Riprider’s Riptor Boulderplate Helmet

Lackings in this Update

The players who want Stick War 3 latest update and new skins download are still not satisfied with this update. The game still hasn’t been updated and there are many units whose skins are not updated. Players want the Stick War 3 updated to be more broad. 

The exciting new unit skins have arrived for Android, but iOS commanders are still waiting to customize their armies. They are hoping to get an update soon. Players are waiting for the next Stick War 3 new update to be exactly what they want.

What did you Get?

Stick War 3’s latest update brings exciting new skins for select units at a much lower gem cost. While some features like dead units carrying gold and cheaper skins benefit new players, fans are eager for skins on remaining units and a broader update. iOS players patiently await their turn to customize their armies. All eyes are on the next update to see if it delivers everything fans are hoping for.

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