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Stick War 3 is a strategy game developed by Max Games Studios. The basic idea of the series started with the release of Stick War in 2009. The game is actually based on stick figures, and the whole series is carrying on the legacy. At that time, the game was developed for Flash, but it can now be played on your browser. The Stick War Legacy release date with the different versions can also be checked on our website.

While talking about the Stick War 3 release date, we will be talking about the alpha version along with the final version release date:

  • Alpha version: 26th of March, 2021, was the alpha version release date.
  • Final Version: The game was released on the 11th, 12th, and 14th of December 2021.

You get the APK for Stick War 3 and also the Modified version of Stick War 3 which includes unlimited premium resources for free so you can enjoy the game without worrying about pausing it. If you have no money and gems in the game left no worries we help you get unlimited money and gems by downloading the Stick War 3 MOD APK from the website stickwarlegacyapk.

Stick war 3 release date

Why Alpha version was released earlier?

The Alpha version is the earlier version of the game or any software. Alpha is never the final product; the final product is always different from the alpha version. The game was initially tested with the alpha version. If it contains any bugs, errors, or glitches, or if the game is not working as it was supposed to, then the game is revised to make it work perfectly. When the game starts working perfectly, that is the final version of the game.

So it took almost nine months for Max Games Studios to make changes to the alpha version and release the final version. But the wait was worth it. Stick War 3 came out to be the perfect stick-figure game. Check the comparison of Stick war legacy vs stick war 3 and enjoy your favorite game.

When was the trailer for Stick War 3 released?

We are not sure about the exact Stick War 3 release date of the trailer, but on most the places like Facebook and Youtube, the trailer was uploaded on January 19, 2021. The total duration of the trailer was 36 minutes.

The trailer started with the actual gameplay, with a lot of reviews from people about their excitement in the trailer, and then showed the interest of players in the multiplayer mode of the game.

Stick War 3 Trailer

The Trailer was uploaded on StickPage Studios Youtube channel. The game Stick War 3 is available for Android and iOS devices. You can even play this game on a PC using emulators. Stick War 3 Reviews are discussed in fine detail in the video given above.

All the Hype about Stick War 3

The Stick War 3 hype can be summed up in just a few lines that we are going to share. The downloads of the game Stick War 3 on just the Google Play Store are 5 million+. And if we talk about the ratings, on the App Store, the rating of the game is 4.0. And, of course, the number is still growing as the game becomes more popular over time due to its interestingly illustrated characters.

What is Stick War 3?

The Stick War 3 is a strategy game that gives you the gameplay of creating defenses for your civilization and defeating the enemies using different strategies.

A very brief introduction to the gameplay and features of the game:

  • Decks: The game gives you an open area to build your armies and play against your opponents. There are 8 slots for each deck.
  • Resources: The game consists of weapons, characters, spells, and a tower-building option. The units are the game’s most important resource.
  • Customization: You can customize your army. You can choose between six different soldiers: a miner, a swordsman, a soldier, a wizard, a giant, and an archer, each with different skills.
  • 1v1 and 2v2: These are Stick War 3 online multiplayer modes of the game that you can play as a single player against a single opponent, or you can build your team and fight against another team. Other modes of the game are campaign and single-player.
  • Different Grounds: You have different options in the gameplay to choose your location for fighting and building your empire. From the many options, a few stand out like Order Empire, Gold Rush, and Monstrosity.

The game also has three difficulty levels according to the player’s level. A detailed description of the game is also available on our website; click Stick War 3 MOD APK Unlimited Money for a complete guide about the game. You can also get the Stick War 3 APK for PC with the controls and details discussed on our website.

Opening Stick War 3 for PC on Bluestack

Stick War 3 for iOS Release Date

Well, many of the games have been released on different dates for Android and iOS devices. But Stick War 3 release date for iOS was the same as for Android. The game was also released for iOS on December 11th, 12th, and 14th, 2021. You need suitable mobile to progress in the game to its fullest point and we solve your problem by giving best mobile to play Stick War 3.

The game is well-received on both platforms (iOS and Android)!

Stick war 3

Stick War 3, which was designed for the iPad, can also be played on the iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac. The required iOS version for all Apple devices is 13 or later, except for Mac which requires macOS 11.0 or later, and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later.

Updates of Stick War 3 along with Dates

Stick War 3 is a popular online game that has been played and liked since 2021 till date, and it has gone through several updates since its release. The frequency of updates can vary depending on the developer’s plans and the game’s popularity. The updates could be to fix bugs, improve the game’s performance, add new features, or enhance the gameplay experience.

While the latest version is 2024.2.3619, and Stick War 3 release date for the latest version is Jan 26, 2024. We are mentioning just a few updates that were released in 2023:

VersionRelease DateCompatibility
2023.2.1943June 21, 2023Android +5.0
2023.2.1601May 24, 2023Android +5.0
2023.2.1513May 15, 2023Android +5.0
2023.2.1309Apr 13, 2023Android +5.0
2023.2.1263Apr 2, 2023Android +5.0
2023.2.1060Mar 17, 2023Android +5.0
2023.2.946Mar 10, 2023Android +5.0
2023.2.928Mar 9, 2023Android +5.0
2023.2.914Mar 8, 2023Android +5.0
2023.2.870Mar 5, 2023Android +5.0
2023.1.371Feb 2, 2023Android +5.0
Few last Versions of Stick War 3

We witnessed the frequent updates in the game. This is another reason people are attracted to the game Stick War 3. They get something interesting just after a few days. Stick War 3 is making sure the players are stuck to the game. We help you with tips and tricks to play Stick War Legacy MOD APK 999 Army on our website.

Final Verdict

The Detail about Stick War 3 release date is compiled by collecting data from different sources available online. The Stick War 3 release date for the trailer is also based on when the trailer was posted on different sites. We are giving you the complete detail about the game Stick War 3 MOD APK with Unlimited Money and Gems for your ease. You can check the Stick War 3 release date for other older versions in the article above. The Stick War 3 release date for iOS is the same as the Stick War 3 release date for Android. Download the Stick War 3 for iOS, PC, and Android from our website.

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