Stick War 3 Reviews from Android and iOS Users

Max Games Studio is the developer of the strategy game Stick War 3. This article will include the experiences of different users playing Stick War 3 on both Android and iOS devices. But first, let’s briefly discuss Stick War 3 and the reasons why players of this game enjoy it so much before moving on to player reviews. You can download the Stick War 3 MOD APK unlocked all and Stick War 3 for Pc from our website by clicking the below buttons.

So if we start with what Stick War 3 is, the game is based on stick objects moving around on the screen. If we look thoroughly at the games developed by Max Games Studios, we assume that they are actually spreading joy among people. Money is not their first priority while developing the game. If we look at the success of the Stick War series, we understand why they would not care about the money anymore. Stick War 3 has reached 5 million downloads.

Many features of the game that you would love are the skins and the new units in the game. And every few days, the Stick War 3 game is updated. And with each update, you get new skins, units, enchantments, new spells, or any other features added to the game. If you want to get details about the last version of the game, you can check the Stick War 3 game release date on our website. If you want the information for the best mobile to play Stick War 3 you can check the related article on our website.

What is Stick War 3? And Why Are People Loving It?

Strategy game, a successor to the Stick Wars series. As you start the game, you will be performing two operations at the same time. The details about both operations are given on our website, Stick War 3 MOD APK 999 Army.

  1. Defending your bases
  2. Attacking the enemies

You all must be thinking about what bases we defend. You, as the leader of your army, will not only lead them but also protect them from the attacks. The more solid a base you have, the more difficult it is for the enemy to attack and destroy you. The name for the enemy is Decks in Stick War 3.

Attacking the enemies requires the training of your army (decks) and the resources to attack. You can use all the units available to you in the game to attack the opponent’s army. Use the units and decks wisely, as all the units and decks have different specialties. 

People are loving Stick War 3 due to the statue customizations, the campaigns, the voice acting, and the new mechanics. And the very important point is the VFX of the game.

Reviews of Stick War 3 from Android Users

Some people love the updates with new features introduced, others find it disturbing as they are not able to fully enjoy the game with the same features until they become masters of that game. Some new features force them to start from the beginning each time an update is introduced. Stick War 3 reviews that we have collected from different sources online

stick war 3 review3

The Google Play Store has removed Stick War 3 reviews.

If you want to play Stick War 3 on a PC, you should go download Bluestack on your PC. We have given a complete step-by-step guide to downloading and playing Stick War 3 for PC on our website. So is the person suggesting Bluestack in the Stick War 3 review below?

review1 stick war 3

Even the developers themselves are giving official news about the updates to the game. CrazyJay has given the news about the JuggerKinght.

stick war 3 news

People are even discussing the suggestions and disappointments about the design in Stick War 3 reviews. One example is given below.

stick war 3 review2

Stick War 3 Reviews from iOS Users

The Stick War 3 reviews from iOS users are constructive. The overall rating of the game on the App Store is 4 out of 5, while the total ratings counted are 275.

The players really want the developers to work on making the game better on a daily basis or with every update. The main point discussed that needs improvement in the Stick War 3 review from the player attached below is the “long waiting times.” Many of the game’s benefits are also discussed, as can be seen in the same review by the same person.

App store review 3

Along with betterment, the players are also giving tips to other players so they can play the game better and more conveniently. One of many Stick War 3 reviews is attached.

App store review 2

The players are happy with the updates, especially with the new units and decks added to the collection they already have. One such Stick War 3 review helps you understand how people are enjoying the game with every new update. You can also check all the reviews on the App Store for Stick War 3.

app store review 1

The campaign is Yet to Come Out!

What is a campaign? Why are we going to discuss it?

The campaign is basically a Stick War 3 gaming mode. There is a list of Stick War games with campaign mode, which includes Stick War II, Stick War, and Stick War Legacy. The mode allows you to fight against the enemy civilization and also to fight against the dark empire in Stick War II, and there is one more feature added in Stick War Legacy that allows you to even visit the conquered civilizations. You should also ready the comparison of Stick War 3 Vs Stick War Legacy to select the best game to play.

But why is the campaign mode not available in Stick War 3?

Campaign mode has been delayed 3–4 times to date. But still, we can hope that the campaign will come in 2023. The wait is worth it. The players will be happy to see all the campaign features mentioned before, along with some more exciting features. It’s not the first time that the Stick War series has been delayed. We have been seeing delays from the flash era of this series.

Stick war 3 reviews

We can also look out for the delays we get in other games. But people are eagerly waiting for the campaign mode, which can be seen in the Stick War 3 reviews from the App Store.

campaign mode stick war 3

Final Verdict

The overall design and attention to detail received praise from many gamers. Several people had problems with the game, but that’s to be expected. Several gamers complained of technical issues, while others said later levels were excessively challenging. Several players complained that the game was filled with annoying advertisements.

Although, as with any game, your experience may differ, players have generally given Stick War 3 positive reviews, both from the players and from the critics.

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