Stick War Legacy Review (2019-2024)

Before Starting to Stick War Legacy Review for those who never heard about this game, let me give you a quick Overview.

Stick War Legacy Game Review - Introduction

About Stick War Legacy

Stick war legacy is dynamic and one of the best Strategy games of all time which has a huge fan base from all around the world. This game is developed by Max Game Studios, there are other famous games developed by Max Game Studios are Stick War 3 along with its review from Android and iOS users, Age of War unlimited money, and Age of War 2. Stick war legacy has excellent gameplay, fantastic features, and stunning graphics that amaze you every time you play this game. The game was released in 2015 and the Latest version of stick war legacy was released on 23 Nov 2022 and become one of the best games of all time.

With A lot of Modes, Missions, and enemies this game will excite you every time, it is not like a typical game where you play the game, complete the simple levels and the game will end, Stick War Legacy will require you’re a lot of attention. Where you have to prepare for War, Create and Train your Army. Gather resources and Weapons to fight your enemies and save your own world and people. It has a very rich storyline.

There are 4 Modes Classic Campaign mode, Tournament Mode, Weekly Mission Levels, and Endless Mode, All the modes will be described in the Stick War Legacy Review, All the Mode has their own challenges and Levels, and you have to make strategies, participate in the battles, defend your armies from the enemies and sometimes attack them as well. The fascinating gameplay and extraordinary features will give a fantastic trance and experience of the game. It is available for both Android and iOS users worldwide.

Stick War Legacy Game Review - Various Modes

Before moving toward the Stick War Legacy Review, I want to discuss how I found this exciting game and who introduced me to Stick War Legacy,

How We Heard about Stick War Legacy Game

A couple of months ago, we heard about the game “Stick War Legacy Review” from one of our friends, which was already a very popular strategy game as discussed before, So downloaded it a month ago, and the experience was amazing. One of the reasons our friend recommended this game is that he enjoyed Stick War Legacy because it offers a variety of modes to play, including campaign mode, endless mode, and tournament mode.

Also, Stick War Legacy’s gameplay mechanics were Extraordinary. The game offers a unique mixture of strategy and action, where you have to manage your resources, create and Train your army, Make Strategies to Kill your enemies, protect your people, and attack the enemies. You have to take some strategic and intense decisions to win the game as well.

If we will tell you detail about everything in the game then it will be very difficult to cover everything because it has a big storyline. If you want more detail, Check our full Informational Blog about Stick War Legacy Game.

Our Journey and Stick War Legacy Review

When we started the game the very first screen, we have seen is Select the Modes The game has different modes, each offering a unique challenge, and we particularly enjoy the Classic Mode and Tournament Mode, But we will tell you about my experience of all modes

Tournament Mode is the main and challenging mode in Stick War Legacy APK, in which we compete against 12 computer-generated opponents (Ruth, Cydnee, Blake, Zane, Willow, Maverick, Cruise, Vin, Crazy Jay, Wesley, Z4CK, and Cyrus), each with their own set of features, skills, and appearance, to win the title “Crown of Inamorta.” There are three major challenges that will change the color of the crown and make the A.I. opponents even more dreadful by enhancing their abilities or just improving their overall intelligence. 

There are also five-game styles in which we compete against an Awe(Classic, Barricades, Gold Rush, Super Deathmatch, and Deathmatch). The Very Main objective is to ultimately win the game and become champion, we enjoyed this mode a lot because it helped me to test my skills against other players. The experience of gameplay was extraordinary and highly intense. After completing this mode, we felt very satisfied because we ended a very difficult part of the game.

Tournament Mode - In stick War Legacy Game Review

The Classic Campaign Mode is the standard story mode in the game. It is simple but entertaining. Neighboring countries are extremely selfish, they are ignoring each other rather than collaborating to improve their technology and ideas. They aim to dominate other countries by utilizing modern technologies. There are six different territories and every territory has unique challenges and hurdles, we have three options to select the difficulty of the mode which are Normal, Hard, and Insane.

This is the best part of this game because there is no easy mode, as various games have. Well, when we were playing the first time, we selected normal difficulty but now we are able to go with the hard one, but still the “Insane” is not possible for me right now. It depends on your skill level. Another Reason that we liked Classic Campaign mode is the adventurous gameplay across the different territories and various challenges which make this mode diverse, engaging, and diverse.

Classic Campaign Mode - In Stick War Legacy Game Review

Weekly Mission Levels is also a fun-addicting and exciting mode of Stick War Legacy. In weekly mission Levels, new levels and rewards are added every Friday, making it one of the best modes. We didn’t lose interest in Stick War: Legacy game after getting new missions every week. For every challenge, there is a new strategy. Based on the nature of each mission or level, you will receive coins and rewards. As the level increases, the reward increases as well. This mode will unlock when Campaign Level 6 is completed otherwise, we can’t play weekly mission levels.

Weekly Mission Modes - In Stick War Legacy Game Review

Endless Dead is a survival mode in which the player and the army grow to battle endless swarms of Dead, similar to the normal campaign, the player receives two upgrade points between waves. We have to use all of our skills to survive in this mode as long as possible and also get more money and gold by killing the enemies. This model is also very intense and we have to make some strategic decisions in this mode as well. we enjoyed Endless Dead Mode because it’s a great way to test our skills and see how long we can last against an endless horde of enemies.

Endless Mode - In Stick War Legacy Game Review

Android Metrics

Rating4.5 Stars
Review2 Million +
Downloads100 Million +
CompatibilityAndoird 4.1 or above
DevicesCompatible with almost all Android devices
Android Info

Apart from the different modes, there are several other aspects of Stick War Legacy that make it a great game to play.

One of the best features of the game is its graphics and sound effects. The characters of Stickman are designed very smoothly, which gives them a cartoonish look. The animation of Stickman and other graphics, like the user interface and design, is very well done. My visual and audio experience was very enjoyable and overwhelming. The environment of the game was very well crafted. Each territory and screen portray a unique design that immerses me in the game’s world. The sound is calming and gives off an air of adventure.

Another aspect of the Stick War Legacy game is the wide range of units, troops, and abilities available in the game. Every unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, and we can create and train our armies as we wish. For more features, we have to get more money and mana, and with this money, we can easily customize our army. As long as we have money, we can create an extra layer of strategy, and our chances of winning the game will increase. The variety of units and abilities keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting, and we enjoy experimenting with different army compositions and strategies.

We appreciate the tutorial included in the game. The tutorial walks us through the basics of the game and shows us how to build an army, gather resources, and fight enemies. The tutorial is well-designed and easy to follow, making it a great way to get started with the game. You can check the best mobiles for Stick War Legacy to play the game conveniently.

iOS Metrics

Ratings4.6 Stars
Reviews200, 000 +
DownloadsNo Stats Available
CompatibilityiOS 9.0 or Later
DevicesCompatible with most the iPhones, iPad, and iPods
iOS info

Stick War Legacy MOD APK Review

Let us tell you about MOD APK, Basically, it is a modified version of the game with some extra features that are not contained in the simple game. The modified version of Stick War Legacy will also amaze you with its exceptional features because it contains many other features that are not included in the basic version of the APK. It will increase your interest in this game, where you will get unlimited skins, gold, and many other things.

The basic game has some limitations that the modified version does not have; everything in the APK is limited, but in the MOD APK, you get unlimited features.

You will get various MOD Features in different modes:

  • Unlocked All Skins
  • Unlocked All Characters
  • Unlocked All Weapons
  • Upgrade warriors 
  • Unlimited Gems 
  • Unlimited Gold and Coins
  • Unlimited Tournament Entries
  • Stick War Legacy Mod 999 Army
  • Unlimited Upgrade
  • No Ads

You will get all the MOD features, which Simple APK is not providing. That is the reason we like the MOD APK, more than a simple APK.

Well, initially, when we downloaded this MOD APK from, the craze for the game increased because, in its simple feature, we have to earn money, coins, and gold, and from that money, we can complete the levels, missions, and modes. and buy skins, upgrade characters, and weapons with those coins. But not in MOD APK, we get everything Unlocked, Get Unlimited Coins, get 999 Army features, and Play the MOD game without any interruption like ADS.

There are 2 types of game players; one who enjoys the challenge of completing missions, progressing through levels, and ultimately winning the game. And move forward to the other game, as we are always looking for new games. Because playing games is our passion. So we played both Stick War Legacy and Stick War Legacy MOD APK. The second type of player is one who plays the game for fun. Unlimited money, gold, unlimited mana, and skins always fascinate them. They don’t want to put in extra effort to complete the missions. They always play the modified version of this game.

We recommend both versions of the game. We liked both versions for their fascinating gameplay, features, MOD features, and every other aspect we have discussed above. You can also tell us your opinion. Whether you like Stick War Legacy, Stick War Legacy MOD APK, or both, comment below.

Stick War Legacy Game Review - MOD Features

Stick War Legacy Game Review from Different Players

Till now, we have discussed our opinions and our Stick War Legacy review. Let’s talk about what other game players think about this game, their reviews, their opinions, their experiences, and their concerns about Stick War Legacy Game from different sites. We will also discuss the best parts of this game with respect to the other players, as well as the parts that need improvement. The reviews are available for both Android and iOS devices. Along with reviews we give you the Modified version and APk file for both Stick War Legacy PC and Stick War Legacy iOS.

Stick War Legacy Game Reviews from Google Play Store

To download Stick War Legacy for Android players, use the Google Play Store. This website doesn’t require any introduction; Stick War Legacy reviews are almost 2.93 million on the Google Play Store, and almost 2.24 million players have given it a 5 rating, which is massive. Let’s See Stick War Legacy Game Review.

Stick War Legacy Game Review

Well, there are three types of Stick War Legacy reviews.

  • Positive Stick War Legacy Reviews, obviously that reviews must be 4.5 or 5 stars where they will describe their experience and the part of the game which they like the most.
  • Suggestions and Need Improvement type Stick War Legacy reviews which can be 3.0 to 4.0 stars, some of them like the game, and some of them need improvements.
  • Negative or Critic Stick War Legacy Reviews then will be 3.0 or fewer stars, they must have some problem with the game or maybe have some other issues.

Let’s see some of them!

play store 1 review

You can see in this review that the player with the 5-star Stick War Legacy review is fully satisfied with this game, but he is having some difficulty with a couple of modes and tournaments as well because it is hard to complete the higher levels.

Let’s move toward the next one.

play store 2 review
play store 3 review

This person has also given the game 5 stars and said that he enjoyed the game a lot, but in this Stick War Legacy review, he is also giving some suggestions and recommendations. The suggestion is that the gems, coins, and money provided in this game (Stick War Legacy Review) are very low, making it difficult to shop for various items and upgrade your characters and skins. It is the same thing we had discussed before. This is a big problem because the game is made for children 12 and older, but it is also difficult to complete the levels. And players are annoyed by the ads and interruptions.

This is because while playing the game, the ad will pop up, ruin all the fun of the game and interrupt the player. In the end, we will also discuss the solution to all the issues. By then, let’s move toward other reviews.

play store 4 review
play store 5 review
play store 6 review

Now, have a look at the 4,3,2 Star Ratings, not a single person is saying that the game is not good, or they don’t like the game. Everyone is giving their opinion and discussing the issues. They are giving their suggestions that how the game will be better. Let’s have a look at the 4 Star rating and Stick War Legacy review, the game is good but his game asset is missing. In 3- and 2-star ratings you can check that they are mentioning, the game is very difficult, and it is hard to complete the levels and missions. They want to unlock characters but they don’t have enough coins or money.

If we conclude the summary of Stick War Legacy Review for Android Users. We must say that game is very good can give it 9 out of 10 because the gameplay and features are very good. But the levels are very difficult for the new player, there are not enough resources, and even not enough money is granted after completing the levels. But this is how the game works, some levels are easy and some levels are difficult.

Stick War Legacy Game Reviews from App Store

To download Stick War Legacy for iOS use the App Store. This website doesn’t require any introduction, Stick War Legacy reviews are almost 48.5K on the App Store and almost 46K players have given it a 5 rating, which is massive. Let’s See Stick War Legacy Review for iOS

app store 1 review

We will Analyze a Couple of Stick War Legacy reviews because the Major issues will be the same as we have seen and discussed above

app store 2 review
apple reviews 3

Well, there are very few ratings that are less than 5, but same as the above, if a player gives a rating less than 5, then he is also making some suggestions and improvements. The features and gameplay are excellent in iOS as well, but the issue is that there are limited features; money, gems, and levels are hard; and ads are creating interruptions in-game and annoying the player as well. We will give it 8.5 out of 10 after analyzing the Stick War Legacy Review for iOS.

Is there any solution for a limited feature?

The only solution to this issue is the “STICK WAR LEGACY MOD APK” which we already described in the Modified Features of Stick War Legacy. Now let me tell you why we recommend this. The reason behind this is that there are extra features that are not included in the Simple Game.

You will get Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Mana, Unlocked All Characters and Skins, Feature of No Ads, as previously discussed, players give fewer ratings and reviews because the levels of the game are difficult, and they don’t have enough money, they don’t have enough money and gems to buy resources, and they are also interrupted by Ads, but all of these issues are addressed in Stick war legacy MOD APK.

Final Words on Stick War Legacy Game Review

In the Stick War Legacy Game Review, we discussed many things. Let me summarize everything for you. Stick War Legacy is one of the best strategy games of all time. Over 2 million Android users and 200k Apple users have downloaded this game on their mobile devices. So, you can imagine how good this game is. It has gameplay-related features such as storylines, characters, MOD features, sound effects, and visual displays as well. Stick War Legacy and Stick War Legacy MOD APK have a huge fan base.

We have also discussed some issues like Stick War Legacy having limited features and its solution, which is Stick War Legacy MOD APK with unlimited features, unlocked everything, and no ads. We loved to play both the simple and modified versions. We are rating this game 7.7 out of 10. Because there are numerous items that require improvements. Overall, we will recommend all of you play this game and let us know what you like about it and which part of the game needs improvement in the comment section. we have given a genuine Stick War Legacy review to help you.

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