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tableimg7APKAge of War APK
tableimg2DeveloperMax Games Studios
tableimg3Last Updatedv2023.1.8
tableimg5CompatibilityAndroid 4.4 or above
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Introduction of Age of War Mod Apk

The Age of War is a classic epic strategy game developed by Max Game Studios. The initial release date of the Age of War game is November 13, 2014. Max Games Studios offers other games such as Age of War 2 and Stick War 3. This game is available to play on Android, iOS, and PC.

The main goal of the game is to defend your base and destroy the enemy. Controlling civilization means you create and upgrade your units to fight against the enemy. You will be in continuous war throughout the game. You evolve from the stone age to the modern era by using modern combat technologies to survive and defend.

But to move to different eras, you have to unlock different premium features of the game by spending money or your energy, and it could be hectic and time-consuming too. But on our website, we give you the MOD version of Age of War. You can have unlimited money and all the premium features unlocked at the beginning. Start playing the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

Age of War Release Date

Age of War is a popular online strategy game developed by Louissi, and its release date was on December 15, 2007. The game takes the player through various ages of human civilization, from the Stone Age to the future, and tasks them with defending their base while simultaneously attacking their opponent’s base. Age of War has since become a classic and has spawned several sequels and spin-offs.

About Age of War MOD APK

The Age of War is given with a few of the features locked when we download it from the Google Play Store version. But the MOD version available on provides you with all the locked features available for free. We talk about Money, Gems, all the customization features, and the attributes related to all characters, spells, and weapons. The features mentioned before are all available without any cost in the MOD file. Other MODs for Max Games Studios are also available on like Age of War 2 MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems.

Gameplay and Overview

In the Age of War, the player starts by handling a civilization. Handling includes defending your area and destroying the area of your enemy. You will start by creating units and towers and then using them as your defense. Also, get enough power to reach your enemies’ area and destroy it.

Age of war gameplay

You evolve through 5 different eras during the game. The player must gather all the available resources (gold and experience points) to train the units according to the era. You start with the Stone Age and progress to better eras when you keep playing. In the beginning, you will get a caveman with a bat or catapult rock as a defense. When you travel to different eras, you gain modern defense mechanisms and strategies to defend yourself.

There are other upgrades in the game, which you can unlock gradually by completing different levels or by spending your gold. But you get all the locked items unlocked when you download the Age of War MOD APK from our website. You can even use special attacks, such as God raining rocks, when you are in too much trouble.

You get to play different modes in the Age of War. At first, you will choose between classic and general. Then in classic, you will choose one from normal, harder, or impossible. Generals mode is locked at the beginning, and you have to unlock it by paying actual money. This is one of the Best Strategy Games of all time.

Age of war difficulty levels

How to Download the Age of War MOD APK [complete installation process]

Note: You have to uninstall the Play Store version of the game and enable “unknown sources” from the security settings of your device.

Follow the steps to Install MOD APK the Age of War MOD File

  1. Go Click on the download button on our website to download the Age of War MOD APK file. 
  2. In the File Manager of your device find the MOD APK file.
  3. Click on the “Install” Option once you find the Age of War MOD file.
  4. You can enjoy the game with MOD features once the installation is complete.

So what are you waiting for? Just click on the link and download Age of War MOD and bring out the warrior in you. Because it is said that to be the best, all you have to do is beat the best.

Age of War MOD APK features

The Age of War “MOD” adds several features meant to improve the player experience and give the traditional strategic gameplay a whole new depth. This MOD offers locked features, unlimited resources, and an improved user interface to suit both beginner gamers and experienced players. The MOD has the following salient features:

Unlimited Gold Coins

As discussed above in the article, the gold coin is the basic currency of the game. The gold coins are used to unlock different locked items in the game. Or you can even upgrade the units and towers using gold. You get gold from the gold mines, or you have to attack the enemies’ bases to get gold. But we save you from all the hustle and the time you have to spend on getting all the money to unlock resources.

Download the Age of War MOD APK from our website and enjoy unlimited gold coins for free. You can spend the gold coins without worrying as they won’t expire. You Should also download Stick war Legacy MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems, because of its extra MOD Features.

All levels unlocked

You have to play all the levels in classic mode. In Classic mode, you have to clear all the difficulty levels sequentially. You have to play all the levels one by one to reach the next level. There is no other way to skip the levels and play the highest number of levels in the Play Store version. We can help you here too. Download the Age of War MOD APK with all levels unlocked from our website and get all the levels unlocked. Now you get to play any level randomly without worrying about playing the early ones first.


If you play the Play Store version of the game, you get interrupted throughout the game. You will see a lot of ads and pop-ups during the gameplay. The purpose of these advertisements is to make money from them. But if you get disturbed and lose your interest in the game due to ads, no worries; we have a solution to this problem too. Download the Age of War MOD APK NO-ADs to play the game without advertisements. Stick War 3 MOD APK No-Ads also offer you ad-free gameplay.

age of war apk

Unlock All

In Age of War, many of the features are locked and they can only be unlocked when you reach a specific level in the game or when you win a game with a specific amount of points or gems, or coins. For that you have to play the same levels, again and again, to acquire these points. But if you download the Age of War MOD APK from you will get 100% of features along with attributes for free without spending your energy or money.

Features of the Age of War

Age of War is an engaging strategy game that immerses players in a thrilling journey through various historical periods. Starting from the dawn of civilization and progressing to the modern age, players must navigate the complexities of resource management, base defense, and unit deployment. The game blends intense action with strategic planning, offering both single-player challenges and competitive multiplayer options. Below are the main features that make Age of War a captivating and dynamic gaming experience:

5 Eras of the Age of War

There are a total of five ages (eras) in the game.

  • Stone Age: In the very first age, you have to attack the enemy with cavemen who have wood bats or catapults. You use money or gold coins to get these active units.
  • Medieval Age: This is the second age of the game. You use archers and knights as units. You can build towers to defend your bases.
  • Renaissance Age: Musketeers, cannons, and cavalry are the units of this age. You can even use gunpowder in this era.
  • Industrial Age: In this fourth era, you use machine guns, fighter planes, and tanks as units.
  • Modern Age: The fifth and last age where your units are helicopters, robots, and special forces. The player can even use nuclear power to attack enemies. You should have a full tower of double-barrel turrets to win this.

You can train all the units above as per the correspondence of the enemies you face in each age.

Total Units in the Age of War

There are a total of 16 units in the game. All ages have different units that are trained according to the power of the enemies. Some of the units are good at defending your area, while others are good at attacking the enemy’s base. You use the resources you have to train the units.

There are three types of units in each age group: infantry, ranged, and heavy.

  • Infantry: Units that are good at close-range combat, such as cavemen.
  • Ranged: Units that are good from a distance, such as archers.
  • Heavy: Units that are slower but have higher defense mechanisms, such as tanks.
Age of War units

Grow and Expand your Empire

As soon as you start the game, you will start the war against your enemies. You have to attack your enemy with all the power you have. To beat your enemies, you need to upgrade your fighting skills. Stone-age units cannot compete with modern technology. You have to keep attacking the enemies to take control of their base camps. The more you attack, the more you expand your area. This is only possible when you know the right tactics and units to attack your enemies.

Upgrades and Special Abilities

The player can upgrade the power and health of the units to attack the enemies in a more powerful way. Towers and castles can also be upgraded to improve the defense. You can even upgrade the technologies that you use to train your units. All the units of any age can be upgraded to their highest level.

You have the power of special attacks, which include artillery attacks and rock rain from God, which can destroy your enemy all at once. However, you must use them when the situation is too dangerous and there are no other options for defending your camp from enemy attacks.

Age of War

Different Civilizations with their Own Leaders

The game is different in a way that it gives multiple variations on every feature. Such is the case with civilizations. You can choose between different civilizations. When you’re tired of one civilization, you can move on to the next. Another good thing is that each civilization has its own leader. In total, you have 12 leaders who can lead their civilization. Each leader has their own abilities, and they lead the civilization in a totally different manner from the other leader. In short, you get to lead 12 different civilizations with 12 different leaders.

Tower Defense Theme of the Game

The main idea of the game revolves around the towers. There are a total of 15 towers available in the game. All the towers have different skills and abilities depending on their attack power, range, and rate of fire. You have to use these towers to defend your bases from the enemy. All the defense mechanisms are dependent on towers. You can upgrade the structures of the towers using the gold coins you have.

Age of War Tower

Collect All the Resources

You have to collect as much gold and experience points as you can. Gold is used to train the units and upgrade the different technologies and towers, or structures. The way to collect gold is by building gold mines. You also get gold when you attack the enemy bases. The other resource, experience points, help you upgrade the units. You get experience points by killing enemy units.

2 Different Game Modes

  • Classic mode gives you three levels of difficulty: normal, harder, and impossible. You have all the units and structures to defend and attack. Meanwhile, you progress through all five ages discussed above. 
  • General mode is a sort of survival mode. You have to fight against 10 generals. All the generals have their unique abilities, so you have to attack and defend accordingly.
Age of War gaming modes

Multiplayer Mode

Age of War includes a multiplayer mode. This mode helps you compete online. Playing this game online requires you to compete against other players from all over the world. The competition is held online between players. The players can be anywhere in the world, and you have to win the game in order to top the scoreboard.

Age of War is Completely Free to Play

The Age of War is a free game. You can download and play the game on your Android or iOS devices. The Age of War is compatible with Android version 2.3 and above. The game requires an iPad 6.0 or later, iOS 6.0 or later, or macOS 11.0 or later. You can also play Age of War on PC. You have to pay zero money except for a few in-app premium purchases, which include Generals Mode.

Visual and Audio Quality


The Age of War game is an old one, and its graphics are 2D. The game includes simple animations and visual effects. The game has a cartoonish look. The structure or design of the game is based on simple, illustrated shapes and basic colors.

Background Music

The game has background music. You can also hear the voices of gunfire or explosions and the other basic voices of the war.

Age of War Download for PC

You can download Age of War for PC for Windows (7, 8, 10, 11) from and play the way you play it on your Android devices. Age of War along with the file we offer you also needs a third party software like BlueStack to play the game on you PC. The requirements you have to keep in mind so you can easily play the Age of War PC

  1. You need a PC or MAC with 4 GB RAM (support 32 or 64-bit processor)
  2. The operating system can be (Windows 11/10/8/7)
  3. Hard Drive with 5 GB free space
  4. Processor both Intel or AMD supported.

NOTE: You also need to be administrator on the PC

Age of War iOS v1.3

Age of War MOD iOS provides you with unlimited all and unlocked every feature and resources so you can play the game with no iOS jailbreak. The iOS version of Age of War is a treat to the Apple device users and they can also download the original game with v1.3 from the APP Store. The compatibility of the game with iOS operating system stands at iOS 6.0 or later.

Final Verdict

Given all the details above, we are sure that we have convinced you in every way to play this game. This game has all the interesting features to make you addicted to it once you start playing. Switching between modes, ages, and civilizations never get you bored. You get the chance to lead civilization and train the whole army to defend your empire. You get the premium resources for free with the Age of War MOD APK on our website. So download the MOD version and kill your free time with this old-time Flash game.


Yes, this MOD version is compatible with Android devices.

This is an HTML5 version, so Flash is not required.

Yes, we have tested all of the MODs for malware using anti-virus software.

Yes, this game is available to play on any browser or Mac (compatibility 11.0 or above).

Yes, this game is available for both Android (2.3 or above) and iOS (6.0 or later) devices.

  • Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 or above
  • Processor (64x, 86x)
  • RAM at least 4GB
  • HDD 5GB Free Disk Space

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