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tableimg7APKAge of War 2 APK
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Age of War 2 APP Info

Introduction of Age of War 2 MOD APK

The Age of War 2 is a strategy tower defense game developed by Max Games Studio. The game was originally released on April 11, 2017. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is among the Best Strategy Games. The game has casual gameplay where you have to defeat all the armies playing against you.

You have to save your civilization. It’s either do or die. The game’s main goal is to defend against the enemy’s attack on your towers and attack your enemies in a powerful way to eradicate them. You have to build a strategy to balance the two and win the game.

In Age of War 2, there are some features that you have to unlock with time or by spending money or coins. But in Age of War 2 MOD APK, you get all the premium resources for free without spending your precious time unlocking them. You also get the APK for Age of War 2 PC to enjoy the game on PC.

Age of war 2

Age of War 2 Release Date

Age of War 2 is the sequel to the original Age of War game, and it was released on June 1, 2010. The game was also developed by Louissi and published by Max Games. Like its predecessor, Age of War 2 is a strategy game where players must defend their base and destroy their opponents. The game features improved graphics, new units, and new civilizations to play as. Age of War 2 has also become a fan favorite and is widely played online like Stick War Legacy Strategy Game it is also one of the best game in this genre.

About Age of War 2 Mod

The Age of War 2 is given with a few of the features locked when we download it from the Google Play Store version. But the MOD version available on provides you with all the locked features available for free. We talk about Money, Gems, all the customization features, and the attributes related to all characters, spells, and weapons. The features mentioned before are all available without any cost in the MOD file. Other MODs for Max Games Studios are also available on like Age of War MOD APK Unlimited Money, and Gold.

Gameplay and Overview

The Age of War 2 is the second game in the Age of War series. Simple but appealing gameplay in which you will lead the entire civilization. You have to save your territory from the invaders. You are going to be in survival mode, where you have to defend your base against the attacks of enemies. You have to survive until you can win the game. The Age of War 2 is a 2D tower defense game where you use the towers as your defense.

You are going to fight this war through different eras as you progress in the game. You have different resources, such as units and upgrades of these units, which you use against your enemy. You train these units and spawn them against the enemy in the strongest possible way. You can even use spells in the game to overcome your enemies.

You can play this game in different modes. Two modes are available: classic and general. There are four modes available in classic mode: easy, normal, hard, and insane. In General mode, you have one of the generals unlocked, while the other nine are locked at the start of the mode. You can even play multiplayer mode, where you play against players all around the world.

Age of war 2 modes

In the game, you have to collect coins and experience points to unlock and upgrade many of the game’s features. The game consists of different eras, which you have to explore as you advance in the game. Age of War 2 has Fantastic gameplay, the same as Stick War 3. Which is also developed by Max Studios.

Become the best leader and protect your territory in all possible ways.

How to Download the Age of War 2 MOD APK [complete installation process]

Note: You have to uninstall the Play Store version of the game if you have installed it. Also, you have to enable unknown resources in the settings of your device to get the MOD version installed on it.

Follow the below steps or link to Install MOD APK the Age of War 2 MOD APK

  1. Click on the download button on our website to download the Age of War 2 MOD file. 
  2. In the File Manager of your device find the MOD APK file.
  3. Click on the “Install” Option once you find the Age of War 2 MOD APK file.
  4. You can enjoy the game with MOD features once the installation is complete.

So what are you waiting for? Just click on the link and download Age of War 2 MOD and bring out the warrior in you. Because it is said that to be the best, all you have to do is beat the best.

Age of War 2 MOD APK Features

The MOD for Age of War introduces enhance features to deepen the strategic gameplay and enhance the overall player experience. This MOD brings fresh content, refined mechanics, and improved visuals, making it a must-have for both new players and long-time fans. Below are the standout features of the MOD for Age of War:

 The Age of War 2 MOD APK Unlimited Money

The coins are the main currency in the Age of War 2. You have to spend money on almost everything. Whenever you spawn a unit, you have to spend the required coins, and you will be using the coins for spells. In short, the game is completely dependent on the coins. You earn coins or XP in the game when you kill the opponent’s army or destroy the enemy base camp. But when you download the Age of War 2 MOD APK from our website, you get unlimited coins, which you can spend without worrying.

The Age of War 2 MOD APK Unlimited XP

You can evolve in age by spending the XP you earn during the game. You need thousands of XP to evolve and upgrade towers and units. You can get XP by winning against your opponents. But when you download the Age of War 2 MOD APK from our website, you get unlimited XP. You can spend as much as you want, and your XP treasure is never going to end.

The Age of War 2 MOD APK Unlocked

In the MOD version available on our website, you will get all the locked features unlocked in the beginning. All the generals will be unlocked. All the premium features for which you have to spend actual money or game resources will be free to enjoy.

Age of war 2 generals unlocked

The Age of War 2 MOD APK No-ADs

When you download and play the Play Store version of Age of War 2, you get interrupted during the game by ads or pop-ups. which diverts your focus from the game, and you lose. But the MOD on our website will give you ad-free gameplay.

Features of Age of War 2

Age of War is a captivating strategy game that takes players on an epic journey through different historical eras. As you start from the primitive age and advance to the futuristic era, you will face the challenges of managing resources, building defenses, and deploying a diverse range of units. The game combines fast-paced action with strategic depth, offering both single-player campaigns and competitive multiplayer modes. Below are the key features that make Age of War an exciting and immersive experience:

7 Ages in the Game

This game has seven ages. The game includes two more ages that are not available in the game. One of them is Spartan, and the other is Egyptian.

The other five ages are the same as the Age of War:

  • Stone Age: The units in Stone Age are clubmen, slingers, speedy dinos, and assault dinos. All of them cost you some coins. The clubmen cost 100, while the slinger cost 125 coins, the speedy dino cost 200 coins, and the assault dino cost 400 coins. You can spawn them by clicking on their portraits given on the screen. A meteorite shower (spell) can also be used in the Stone Age.
  • Spartan Age: From the Stone Age, you evolve to the Spartan Age, and to evolve, you need 7000 XP (experience points). This age also offers you four different units. In Spartan Age, you can cast a spell called Zeus’ Anger.
  • Spartan age to Egyptian age: You advance from the Spartan age to the Egyptian age. This progression will cost you 8000 XP. You can use the Egyptian Age spell Rage of the Desert. The turrets available at this age are Golden Eagle and Big Bird.  
  • Medieval Age: It takes 9000 XP to progress from the Egyptian Age to the Medieval Age. You get soldiers as units, three turrets in the medieval age, and one spell arrow storm. 
  • Renaissance Age: It is the fifth age in the game, and you need 10,000 XP to evolve from the Medieval Age to Renaissance Age. You can use bomb rain as God’s spell in the Renaissance Age, and you can also evolve to the Modern Age by spending 11000 XP.
  • Modern Age: This is the sixth age of the game. You get the laser cannon, sniper, cyber soldier, and battle suit as units, and you can use the bomber spell. 
  • Future Age: You progress from the modern era to the Future Age. You can use the death ray spell for 7000 XP.
Age of war 2 eras

Simple and Minimal Controls

The game’s controls are minimal and straightforward. You get a very clear screen during gameplay. All the controls are in the corners of your screen, so you do not lose focus during the game. On the top left corner of your screen, you get the god’s spell and the option to advance to the next age if you have the required XP. The health bar of the given unit is displayed above the spell option.

There are three types of units in each age group: infantry, ranged, and heavy. On the bottom left of the screen, units are given as portraits, and you select one of them by clicking on the portrait. You can build your turrets and upgrade your units in the bottom right corner. While in the top right corner, you can access your game’s basic and general settings.

Age of War 2 comtrols

2 Different Gaming Modes

There are two different modes in the game: classic and general. In classic mode, you get four difficulty levels to select from. Age of War All Levels Unlocked also has two modes classic and general

  1. Easy
  2. Normal
  3. Hard
  4. Insane
Age of War 2 difficulty levels

In Generals mode, you have to fight against the army of a specific general. There are a total of 10 generals. All the generals have their own way of fighting; they all have different powers and tactics to defeat their opponents. In this mode, you have to make a fighting strategy in correspondence with the general you select to fight. Only Brom “The Basher” is unlocked at the start, and you have to pay for the other nine generals.

Customization and Upgradation

You can even customize the units by putting hats on them or by making outfits for your units. The party option is given in the game to customize your units, but it is locked and you have to unlock it.

In the game, you can upgrade your units. You upgrade the units using coins or XP. You can also upgrade the turrets by spending some money.

Age of War 2 customization

Managing Resources

In the game, the player must manage the resources. One way is how you attack and defend your base. You use units and towers in a specific way. You make strategies to manage the attacking and defending.

The other way is how you spend your coins and XP. You use XP and coins for upgrades and to unlock things. It is up to you to prioritize the upgrades depending on who you are fighting against. 

Multiplayer mode

Everyone’s an all-time favorite feature of the game. You play with the players playing Age of War 2 around the world. You have to win the game to top the scoreboard. You can even create a group with your friends by attaching your Facebook account to the game and inviting your friends to play the game with you.

Age of war 2 multiplayer modes

Visual and Audio Quality


The Age of War 2 has 2D graphics. The game gives you a cartoonish vibe, so it doesn’t give you a horror vibe even if it’s a war game. All the graphics are illustrations of different shapes. You can also check the best mobiles to play video games.

Background Music

The game’s background theme is not horror but rather very general. You can also hear the very basic sounds of different wars, like bombing or rifles. And the best mobiles in terms of sound are also listed on our website.

Age of War 2 PC for Windows

Age of War 2 is one of the most popular strategy games developed by Max Games Studios. The game has also received an overwhelming response on PC. You can download Age of War 2 PC for Windows [11/10/8/7] from our website by clicking on the download button given below. The game Age of War 2 PC with a better view, better graphics, and better controls. And a plus point is that if you’re using BlueStack, you can even create macros.

Age of War 2 iOS

iOS Version of Age of War 2 is free you can easily download this game and play it on your Apple devices which includes iPhone, iPad, iPod, and MacOS But there are some other extra features that you can buy in Apple devices it is In-game purchases.

You can easily play this game on Multiple Apple devices like iPhone (requires version 10.0 or later), iPad (requires version 10.0 or later), iPod (requires version 10.0 or later), and Mac (requires version 10.0 or later, and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later).

Final Verdict

If you want to enjoy your free time, Age of War 2 is the game for you. It gives you a complete package to lead a civilization. You get to evolve through seven different ages. You train your entire army. You defeat your rivals and experience a surge of power. Additionally, you get all the premium resources for free in the Age of War 2 MOD APK available on our website.


Yes, we have tested the MOD files on our website with anti-virus software for any malware.

Yes, the MOD files are available for free on our website.

Yes, you can play the game on a PC or Mac using emulators like Bluestack.

Yes, the game is available for iOS devices.


  • iPhone requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • iPad requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • iPod touch requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Mac requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later.
  • Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 or above
  • Processor (64x, 86x)
  • RAM at least 4GB
  • HDD 5GB Free Disk Space

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