Stick War 3 vs Age of War – Key Differences

Stick War 3 vs Age of War based on Stick-Man characters, but both are far apart in weapons, gameplay, units, and game modes. All these key differences along with their details will be discussed in this article.

stick war 3 vs age of war

While talking about both games, Stick War 3 is the newer with much better gameplay and resources in it. The game was released in Decmeber 21, 2021, while the alpha version of the game was released in March 2021. But the game Age of War was released in March, 2006. The game was originally developed as a flash game. After many years in 2014 the game went avialble for Android and iOS devices.

PropertiesStick War 3Age of War
Current Version2024.2.36194.8
Released DateDec 11,2021Nov 13, 2014
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 or aboveAndroid 2.3 or above
DeveloperMax Games StudiosMax Games Studios
iOS availabilityYesYes
File Size507.8 MB42 MB
Download5 M+10 M+
Similarities and Differences

Basic Difference: Stick War 3 VS Age of War 2

Both the games are products of Max Games Studios, but Stick War 3 is more close to Stick War series and Age of War is closer to Age War series. Both have a key differences of levels and ages. Stick War 3 is based on level playing, while in Age of War you will be on ages being completed or conquered. Once you completely conquered an age you will move towards the next one. Being able to get other games comparisons our website is providing a very detailed articles on all games with respect to all other games by Max Games Studios.

GameRelease Date
Stick War 3December 11, 2021
Age of WarMarch 8, 2006
Stick War 3 vs Age of War release dates

For the release dates for Stick War 3 vs Age of War we advice you read the complete details for Stick War 3 release date and Age of War release date. We recommend you go for Stick War legacy vs Stick War 3, and Stick War 3 vs Age of War 2 to decide if Stick War 3 is the masterpiece of Max Games Studios.

Similarities of Stick War 3 and Age of War

  • Concept: In both games you have to fight against the enemies to grow your territory
  • Units: Both games consist of units with their own strength and purposes
  • Gameplay: Both games have challenging gameplay where you have to beat you enemy
  • Tower Power: Both the games are tower defence games where you have to defend you area from enemy
  • Replaying: Both games offer good amount of replaying
  • In-App Purchases: Both games offer in-app purchases

Differences of Stick War 3 and Age of war

  • Game Age: The Stick War 3 is a newer game while Age of war is an Android version of Age of War Flash game
  • Graphics: Due to now released game Stick War 3 have much better graphics than Age of War, even when both games charcters and gameplay is based on basic illustrations
  • Complexity: Stick War 3 is more complex, while Age of War is simpler and accessible. But both offer challenging gameplay to th players
  • Updates: Stick war 3 is lastly updated on 26 jan,2024, while Age of war war last updated on 4 may, 2015.
Differences Stick War 3 Age of war
GraphicsMore polishedMore basic
UnitsMore in numbersLess in Numbers
StrategiesMore to choose fromFewer strategies
Playing levelYou play levelsYou play ages
AccessibilityDifficult oneEasily accessible
WeaponsMore destructiveGet destructive with ages
Stick war 3 differences

Stick War 3 vs Age of War include compelling narratives, but which one is better is ultimately a question of taste. Stick War 3’s narrative could be intriguing more to certain players due to its depth and complexity, while others may find that Age of War’s tone, which is lighter and more comic, is more to their liking.

App Permissions for Both Stick War 3 and Age of war

The app permissions for Stick War 3 vs Age of War given below to help yolu understand at what level both games are going to get into the privacy and secrecy of your device:

Stick War 3Age of War
Advertising ID permssionsGoogle play billing services
Run foreground serviesPhotos/Media/Files
Have full network accessFull network access
Control vibrations
Prevent phone from sleeping
Google play billing services
Permissions for Stick War 3 vs Age of War

Various Aspects Comparison: Stick War 3 and Age of War

Lets discuss the various aspects of both games and compare Stick War 3 Vs Age of War . So it can be easy for you guys to compare and select best game for your free time.

Gameplay: Stick War 3 vs Age of war

Stick War 3: In “Stick War,” you are tasked with the management of a base, the collection of resources (gold and mana), the training of various sorts of stick figure soldiers, and the control of those stick figure units as they engage in combat against other stick figure armies. Stick War 3 has a more complex and involved plot, with multiple twists and turns.

Age of War: “Age of War” places a greater emphasis on defensive strategies. As waves of enemies approach your base, you will need to construct turrets and other types of defensive constructions to keep them at bay. You will be able to acquire new defense units and unique attacks for your fortress as you go through the many centuries of the game. Age of War, on the other hand, has a more straightforward plot that is more focused on the action.

Graphics and Visual Effects: Stick War 3 vs Age of War

Stick War 3: Stick War is a game that has graphics that are straightforward and based on stick figures.

Age of War: The art design in Age of War is more detailed and spans a variety of historical eras. As you go through the game, the forces you command will take on increasingly distinct looks.

Unit Variety: Stick War 3 vs Age of War

Stick War 3: Although there are a few different unit types available in “Stick War,” all of the characters are stick figures, and their appearance does not change as the game progresses.

Age of War: When you begin a new game of “Age of War,” you begin with the most fundamental of units and gradually unlock and improve them as you progress through the ages, beginning with cavemen and ending with futuristic warriors.

Characters and Theme: Stick War 3 vs Age of War

Stick War 3: Contains a cast of characters who have been thoughtfully crafted, each with their own individual history and distinct personality. Themes of battle, strife, and power are explored throughout the game

Age of War: On the other hand, has a plot that is more straightforward and places less emphasis on the development of its characters. Age of War, on the other hand, is lighter in tone and more humorous in nature than its predecessor.

Genre: Stick War 3 vs Age of War

Stick War 3: “Stick War” is essentially a real-time strategy (RTS) game in which the player is tasked with the management of resources, the training of soldiers, and engagement in combat against hostile forces. Players take control of armies made up of stick figures and compete against one another using various strategies.

Age of War: “Age of War” is a hybrid game that combines elements of defense and strategic gameplay. The objective of the game is for players to defend their base against onslaughts of foes while simultaneously progressing through several historical eras and unlocking new military troops and other capabilities.

Both Stick War 3 and Age of War are entertaining strategy games thanks to the distinctive elements and game mechanics that they each offer. Stick War 3 distinguishes out thanks to its unique stick figure art style and extensive unit selection, whilst Age of War provides a more visually pleasing experience thanks to its historical units and ages.

Stick War 3 is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The decision between the two should mostly be based on the player’s individual choices about the art style, the diversity of available units, and the significance of having a multiplayer mode.

Storyline Comparison of Stick War 3 and Age of War

Stick War 3 is a work-in-progress game, so the storyline is still being developed. However, here is a brief overview of the story as it currently stands:

The game is set in the fictional continent of Inamorta, where five different nations are vying for control. Each nation has its own unique weapons and technology, and they are all determined to be the dominant power. The player takes control of one of these nations, and they must use their resources and strategy to defeat their enemies. Along the way, they will encounter a variety of challenges, including natural disasters, enemy invasions, and even betrayal.

The ultimate goal of the game is to unite Inamorta under one banner, and to become the undisputed ruler of the continent. However, this will not be an easy task, as the other nations will not give up without a fight. The storyline of Stick War 3 is still being developed, so it is possible that the details of the story may change in the future. However, the basic premise of the story will remain the same: a war for control of Inamorta, with the player at the center of the conflict.

age of war credits

Age of War has a pretty straightforward plot. The player starts in the Stone Age and must use their resources to build up their troops and technology. As the player moves through the ages, they will gain access to new units and tools that will let them take on enemies with more power. The game’s main goal is to get to the Modern Age and beat the final boss. But this won’t be easy, since the player will have to deal with a lot of obstacles along the way. Some of these problems are attacks by enemies, natural tragedies, and even betrayal.

The 5 ages in Age of War includes:

  • Age 1: The Stone Age
  • Age 2: The Medieval Age
  • Age 3: The Renaissance Age
  • Age 4: The Modern Age
  • Age 5: The Future Age

Popularity Comparison

The popularity difference of Stick War 3 VS Age of War can be know from a single stat, which is the number of downloads of both the games on Google Play Store. Well before you question why we are not talking about the ratings difference of Stick War 3 VS Age of War, we answer you for that.

Popularity StatsStick War 3Age of War
Downloads5 Million10 Million
Stick War 3 VS Age of War

Both games are very popular on Android devices as well as IOS devices. Stick war 3 for IOS and Age of war for IOS has many downloads and reviews as well. Read these articles so that it can help you in comparison of Stick War 3 Vs Age of War 2.

Is There Any Difference between Stick War 3 PC and Age of War PC?

Stick War 3 and Age of War are different games, no matter what device we use to play them. The difference between Stick War 3 and Age of War stays the same whether we play it on Android, iOS, or a PC. Sometimes it depends on things like your phone or the device on which you’re playing the game. Well, can also help you find the best phones for Stick War 3 and Age of War. It will help you enjoy the game to the fullest.

Age of War PC 4
Download Stick War 3 for PC from Bluestack

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