Age of War Vs Age of War 2: The Ultimate Battle of Strategy

Age of War and Age of War 2 are both popular online flash games that fall under the categories of Strategy and defense. While both games are developed by Louissi and introduced by Max Games Studios, If you love to play exciting and interesting games on mobile or on PC, then you should try both games. In this article, we will compare both games, Age of War vs. Age of War 2, and give you a detailed comparison of them.

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Age of War VS Age of War 2
PropertiesAge of War Age of War 2
Current Version4.81.6.5
Released DateNov 13, 2014April 11, 2017
CompatibilityAndroid 2.3 or aboveAndroid 4.4 or above
DeveloperMax Games StudiosMax Games Studios
iOS availabilityYesYes
File Size42 MB29 MB
Download10 M+10 M+
Similarities and Differences

Basic Difference: Age of War VS Age of War 2

Here we are going to give the very general and basic differences between both games. As we discussed that both game has same developer and the same series of game. Age of war was the first installment of this game where the basic purpose of this game is to destroy the enemies base and protect your property and Age of War 2 is the sequel to the original game which has different civilization and ages with engaging intense gameplay.

We will discuss the differences and similarities of Age of war Vs Age of war 2. By the end of this article you will be able to decide, which game to download and play. You can also read the reviews of Age of War and reviews of Age of war 2 for android and from our website. it will gives you in depth knowledge of both games.


  • Both games are tower defense games the player must defend their bases from enemies.
  • Both games has similar scenarios and progression system.
  • Both games have various units that can be upgraded.
  • Both games have a campaign mode and a multiplayer mode.
  • Both games are free to play but in app purchases are available.


  • Age of War 2 has seven ages, while Age of War only has five ages.
  • Age of War 2 features two new evolutionary ages: the Spartan Age and the Egyptian Age.
  • Age of War 2 allows players to change the movements of their troops.
  • Age of War 2 has a more polished and refined graphics style.

If we look at the storyline for both the games, the storyline of Age of war 2 you have more campaigns all with different storyline, the missions are also more open-ended, giving you more freedom to choose how you want to fight each battle It takes players through different eras of human civilization, from ancient times to futuristic battles.. But in Age of war you will get very similar to age of war 2 but it is relatively simple and has less campaigns then age of war 2.

Age of war 2 has a bigger story. The game is made up of different parts called “campaigns,” and each one has its own story. This makes the game harder and more complicated, but it also makes the story more interesting and exciting Age of War is also complex story but not more then Age of war 2 it has no long story but focused on basics because it was a base part of the series. You can also read the comparison between Age of war 2 and Stick war 3 for more clarity.

Basic FeaturesAge of WarAge of War 2
GraphicsSimple 2DPolished 2D
GameplaySimpleMore Complex
Age of War VS Age of War 2

Comparison of Various Aspects: Age of War Vs Age of War 2

Lets discuss the various aspects of both games and compare Age of War Vs Age of War 2. So it can be easy for you guys to compare and select best game for you.

  • Gameplay

Age of War: Age of War places a greater emphasis on defensive strategies. As waves of enemies approach your base, you will need to construct turrets and other types of defensive constructions to keep them at bay. You will be able to acquire new defense units and unique attacks for your fortress as you go through the many centuries of the game. Age of War modified Version, on the other hand, has a more straightforward plot that is more focused on the action.

Age of War 2: Age of War 2 is also a real time strategy game which has also very popular gameplay that takes players through different historical ages. where you must defend your base from waves of enemy units. The objective is to build and defend a base while training units to defeat enemy forces. Check more about the features, MOD features, and gameplay of Age of War 2.

  • Graphics and Visual Effects

Age of War: The art design in Age of War is more detailed and spans a variety of historical eras. As you go through the game, the forces you command will take on increasingly distinct looks. For good experience you should use best mobiles and devices for Age of War.

Age of War 2: This game has retro graphics with a simple art style a more detailed and visually appealing art style. It showcases various historical units and structures in each age, providing a visually engaging experience. For best experience check Best mobiles for Age of war 2.

  • Units and Fractions

Age of War: When you begin a new game of “Age of War,” you begin with the most fundamental of units and gradually unlock and improve them as you progress through the ages, beginning with cavemen and ending with futuristic warriors. You should Check the reviews of Age of war.

Age of War 2: This game has five fractions Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Medieval Age, and Future Age. Players can unlock and deploy different units from different historical periods, such as cavemen, archers, knights, and tanks.  Each unit has different abilities and various strengths, which will help in different strategies and also provides depth in gameplay. You should Check the reviews of Age of war 2.

  • Upgrades and Abilities

Age of War The game provides upgrade options for units, but as we can see that it was the base installment of this game. so it has not many upgrades and Abilities. The upgraded version of Age of war is Age of war 2. You can check all the updates and version of Age of war.

Age of War 2: In this exciting game players can upgrade multiple things as they progress through the game; their base, units, and special abilities can be upgraded. These upgrades offer strategic advantages and are essential for surviving tougher enemy waves. You can also check the updates and versions of Age of war 2.

  • Multiplayer Modes

Age of War: The game has not a multiplayer mode, it has both online and offline option but only a single player option. You can download age of war on your device and enjoy.

Age of War 2: The game lacks a multiplayer mode as well and is primarily focused on single-player experiences. Download Age of War 2 on your device and enjoy.

Age of war Vs Age of War 2 are enjoyable flash strategy games with their unique features and gameplay mechanics. Age of war stands out with its distinctive art , very simple and basic gameplay, while Age of War 2 offers a more visually appealing experience with its historical units and ages. The choice between the two largely depends on personal preferences for art style, unit variety, and the importance of multiplayer gameplay.

Popularity Comparison

The popularity difference of Age of War VS Age of War 2 can be know from a single stat, which is the number of downloads of both the games on Google Play Store. Well before you question why we are not talking about the ratings difference of Age of War VS Age of War 2, we answer you for that.

Popularity StatsAge of WarAge of War 2
Downloads10 Million10 Million
Age of War VS Age of War 2

Both games are very popular on Android devices as well as IOS devices. Age of War for IOS and Age of war 2 for IOS has many downloads and reviews as well. Read these articles so that it can help you in comparison of Age of War Vs Age of War 2.

Is There Any Difference between Age of War PC and Age of War 2 PC?

There is a difference between Age of war VS Age of War 2 game regardless of which platform are we playing the game. Whether we play the game on Android devices, iOS devices or PC, the difference between Age of War VS Age of War 2 remains there. Sometimes it depends on external resources like mobile and devices where you are playing game. Well is also helping you to find out best mobile for Age of war and best mobiles for Age of war 2. it will helps you get full fascination of game.

Both Flash strategy games has different storyline, gameplay, features, Modes and Levels. Well it will fascinate you with every aspects of game while playing any device you want, You can download both games from and enjoy.

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