A Guide to get more Upgrades in Stick War Legacy v2023.5.331

Stick War: Legacy is a real-time strategy game in a stick-figure setting. It combines strategic warfare, resource management, and unit-based fighting.

Upgrades in Stick War Legacy immediately increase your unit’s attack, defense, and health. This improves their ability to defeat enemies and survive in combat. Spearmen with new armor and shields will crush basic spearmen in battle.

The best Stick War Legacy Upgardes depend on how you play and what’s happening in the game. Upgrading in Stick War Legacy is about managing your gold income. Here are some simple tips to get better upgrades in Stick War Legacy.

upgrades in Stick war legacy

Miners Hustle Upgrades in Stick War Legacy

In Stick War Legacy, miners do not have a direct “upgrade” option like swordsmen or archers. You can’t directly upgrade miners, but researching technology can make them mine faster:

  • Look for the hammer and anvil icon in Stick War Legacy’s tech menu to find the upgrade option.
  • Look for a research route called “Miner Hustle” or something close.
  • This research contains several stages, each of which increases mining efficiency.
  • Upgrading costs gold, and sometimes mana on harder difficulties.

Prioritizing Miner Upgrade:

In the beginning stages of the game, investing in upgrades for your Miner Hustle skill is crucial. Faster miners mean more gold, so you can build a stronger army and defenses. It is important to maintain a delicate balance and not overlook essential upgrades in Stick War Legacy for your other resources while concentrating solely on boosting your miners.

stick war legacy miner upgrades

Statue Health

A strong statue in Stick War Legacy means you can mine longer without getting attacked. Upgrading your statue’s health guarantees a consistent gold flow.

Upgrading your statue’s health makes it tougher to destroy, letting you mine peacefully. With a tougher statute, miners work longer without stopping, bringing in more gold. Elevate your defenses and secure your wealth with each level of research.

Having a strong statue at the start of the game is essential. A strong statue protects your miners from attacks, so you keep getting gold to upgrade your stuff. Make sure to prioritize strengthening your statute for a successful early-game strategy. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Strong defense: Building a strong defense around your statue (walls, archers) discourages enemies and allows miners to work uninterrupted.
  • Winning Streaks: Winning battles gives you more gold. This means you can upgrade your statue to be tougher and buy other improvements too.

Campaign and survival

Campaign and Survival reward you with gold when you beat levels or survive waves. Use this gold to upgrade your units, defenses, and tech back at the main menu.

In Stick War Legacy, jump into Campaign and Survival to practice your strategies. Practice your moves in Campaign and Survival to earn gold and upgrade your army for future fights. 

Playing Campaign can sometimes unlock new soldier types like mages or giant archers, giving you more ways to fight. Winning multiple times in a row in Campaign or Survival gives you bonus gold for upgrades in Stick War Legacy.

Deathmatch Mode

Stick War Legacy’s Deathmatch mode focuses on pure fighting—a brawl to the end between you and your opponent. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Deathmatch skips the base building and mining. You just get gold to fight right away.
  • Deathmatch lets you fight another player directly, so it’s a great way to practice tactics and try out different army setups.
  • Deathmatch skips the waiting and throws you straight into battle, perfect for quick and exciting fights.
Deathmatch stick war legacy mode

Benefits of Deathmatch Mode for Upgrades:

Winning deathmatches gives you gold to upgrade your army back to the main menu. It’s a good way to grind for gold specifically for upgrades in Stick War Legacy.

The more you battle in Deathmatch, the better you’ll get at Stick War Legacy in general. Winning deathmatches gets you gold to upgrade your army. So practice your fighting, win more games, and upgrade your stuff to become even stronger.

Effective Unit Production

In Stick War Legacy, creating a powerful army requires not just strong units, but also efficient unit production. Here are some key strategies to maximize your unit creation and dominate the battlefield:

  • At first, upgrade things that get you more gold and make your guys come out faster. This includes your miners and your main characters like soldier type army (spears, archers, giants).
  • Don’t mindlessly create units. Build only what you need during a fight to save gold and stay strong.
  • Fight other players in Deathmatch to practice making soldiers quickly and spending your gold wisely.
  • Pick soldiers that beat your enemy’s army. Archers? Use armored giants. Giants? Try more spearmen or long-range archers.


Stick War Legacy MOD APK offers a variety of strategies with unlimited everything to maximize your upgrades in Stick War Legacy and dominate the battlefield. Remember to prioritize efficient gold income by upgrading miners and your statue’s health. Utilize Campaign, Survival, and Deathmatch modes to hone your skills, earn gold, and unlock new unit types. 

By strategically managing your resources and adapting your unit production to the situation, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Stick War Legacy master.


The best strategy in Stick War Legacy is defense and effective unit production.

Stick War Legacy is a fast-paced strategy game where you command stick figure armies in epic battles.

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