Stick War Legacy vs Age of War – Which 1 is Better?

While we talk about strategy games Stick War Legacy and Age of War both have build a very strong impact on their audiences, while both games are introduced by Max Games Studios. Despite of the game by same developer there are few and but very evident key differences between both games. We have already discussed Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3 and Stick War Legacy vs Age of War 2, now in this article we will be giving a detailed information regarding Stick War Legacy vs Age of War to help you decide which game to download and start playing it.

Stick War Legacy vs Age of War
PropertiesStick war LegacyAge of War
Current Version2023.3.64.8
Released DateJan 31,2016April 11 2017
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 or aboveAndroid 5.0 or above
DeveloperMax Games StudiosMax Games Studios
iOS availabilityYesYes
File Size113 MB29 MB
Download100 M10 M+
Similarities and Differences

Basic Difference: Stick War Legacy VS Age of War


  • Both are strategy Games
  • Both games are developed by Max Games Studios
  • Both games consist of units and weapons that are upgradable
  • Both the games have multiplayer mode


  • Stick war Legacy has levels while Age of War has Ages to complete
  • Stick War Legacy has four modes while Age of War has 2 modes
  • Stick War Legacy has no predefined difficulty level; it increases as you progress in the game while Age of War has 3 difficulty levels for all the players
  • Stick War Legacy is a detailed art style game while Age of War has a simple art style with very simple illustrated characters.
  • Stick War Legacy is a free game while Age of War has in-app purchases to unlock generals and other different resources.
  • Stick war Legcay is based on original Stick War games while Age of War has different storyline

We will discussing the key gameplay in terms of Stick War Legacy vs Age of War. But for the detailed overview of the game including all the resources and gameplay you can visit Stick War Legacy MOD APK and Age of War MOD APK on our website. The articles mentioned before include all the tips to win the game. The frequent updates in both games keeps you stick to both the games. You can also check Stick War Legacy vs Age of War 2 and Stick War Legacy vs Stick war 3 on our website.

Comparisons to Consider for Stick War Legacy and Age of War

Both Stick War Legacy and Age of War are excellent strategy games, but each has a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages over the other. Stick War Legacy is more elaborate and has more features than Age of War, however Age of War has a more unique time travel mechanic. Stick War Legacy is available on Steam. In the end, the answer to the question of which game is ideal for you will rely on your own individual preferences.

Gameplay: Stick War Legacy and Age of War

The video game “Stick War Legacy” challenges players to take command of a stick figure army and lead it into combat against other stick figure armies. The game entails resource management, the construction of bases, and the recruiting of units.

On the other hand, “Age of War” is more focused on a development of historical ages, beginning with the Stone Age and progressing through a variety of time periods. The story begins in the Stone Age and progresses to the modern times. Players are tasked with defending their bases while simultaneously developing new technologies and expanding their armies.

Visual Style: Stick War Legacy and Age of War

The video game “Stick War Legacy” is characterized by its unique stick figure art style, which is accompanied by uncomplicated animations and graphics. Stick figures equipped with a variety of weapons and skills are used to represent the characters and troops in this game.

Stick War Legacy’s visual presentation is more complex than the one found in Age of War. The environments and units in Age of War appear in a more cartoonish and abstract style, and there are less animations overall in the game.

stick war legacy Slider 4
age of war slider 4

Units with their Weapons: Stick War Legacy and Age of War

The units for Stick War Legacy vs Age of War goes this way:

Stick War LegacyAge of War
Swordwrath (Versatile in combat)Stickman (Weak and Low Health)
Archidons (Pick off enemies from distance)Spearman (Good at defending against attacks)
Magikill (fight by casting spells)Archer (Pick off enemies from distance)
Medusa (A creature who turns enemies to stone)Swordsman (Good at fighting in close combat)
Bomber (A unit that carries explosives)Catapult (Launch rocks at enemies)
Giant (A massive unit with immense strength)
Speartons (Known for defensive capabilities)
Stick War Legacy vs Age of War units

Game Modes: Stick War Legacy and Age of War

Stick War Legacy vs Age of War with their different gaming modes don’t overlap each others gameplay.

The game Stick War Legacy has four gaming modes all with their different features and storyline.

  • Campaign game: A single-player game in which you advance through a number of levels while dealing with various obstacles and foes.
  • Tournament Mode: In this mode, you compete against AI-controlled opponents in a tournament-style competition. Your objective is to defeat every opponent and win the competition.
  • Endless Deads: Survival modein which  waves upon waves of foes will attack you. Your goal is to live as long as you can while achieving high points. With each wave, the level of difficulty rises, making for a difficult gameplay experience.
  • Mission Mode: Players complete a series of challenges to progress through the game. Each mission has a different objective

Now comes the two very amusing modes of Age of War from which one is paid mode and you have to spend money to unlock “General Mode“.

  • The game’s original mode is called Classic mode. As they advance through several technological eras, players can unlock new units and technologies.
  • The game’s General mode is the hardest setting. Less resources are available to players at the beginning, so they must use them more wisely.

Storyline Differences: Stick War Legacy and Age of War

Storyline of Stick war Legacy

In Stick War Legacy, you’ll find that the game’s main focus lies in its engaging gameplay and thrilling battles. However, fear not, for there is also a captivating narrative that gradually reveals itself as you make your way through the campaign mode.

Stick War Legacy is an epic game that involves you in the captivating world of “Inamorta“, a realm filled with stick figure civilizations. Get ready to start on an incredible journey through this fictional land and experience the thrilling storyline firsthand! As soon as you start the game you will find yourself in the epic conflict between various factions, each fighting for ultimate dominance.

In Stick War Legacy, you join a powerful leader in battle and are given the job of leading an army of fierce stick figure fighters. In this epic game, you will face off against a powerful group called the Order, which will be the ultimate task. Their boss, the legendary Magikill, is very powerful, and they will do anything to get what they want. As powerful players, the Order wants to take over the vast land of Inamorta and show that they are better than the other groups of stick figures.

You have to make your own army of stick figures and lead them bravely into fights against the Order and other enemy groups. Together, you will win and come out on top! As you move through the campaign, you’ll meet various groups, each of which has its own skills and obstacles. As you progress, you will collect important resources, improve the skills of your units, and strengthen your forces to reach higher levels of power.

As a Stick War Legacy lover we conclude it to that: you’ll find that the game’s story isn’t very detailed, but it does set the stage for your epic trip. It gives you the background and inspiration you need to fight the Order and bring peace back to Inamorta. Get ready for a journey unlike any other.

Storyline of Age of War

In the Age of War, the player starts by controlling a civilization. Dealing with civilzation includes defending your area and destroying the area of your enemy. You will start by creating units and towers and then using them as your defense. Also, get enough power to reach your enemies’ area and destroy it. Age if war is also giving credits to its developer on the very starting screen of the game.

age of war credits

You evolve through 5 different eras during the game. The player must gather all the available resources (gold and experience points) to train the units according to the era. You start with the Stone Age and progress to better eras when you keep playing. The five ages include:

  • Stone Age:
  • Medieval Age
  • Renaissance Age
  • Industrial Age
  • Modern Age

n the beginning, you will get a caveman with a bat or catapult rock as a defense. When you travel to different eras, you gain modern defense mechanisms and strategies to defend yourself. There are other upgrades in the game, which you can unlock gradually by completing different levels or by spending your gold. But you get all the locked items unlocked when you download the Age of War MOD APK from our website.

You can even use special attacks, such as God raining rocks, when you are in too much trouble. You get to play different modes in the Age of War. At first, you will choose between classic and general. Then in classic, you will choose one difficulty level. Generals mode is locked at the beginning, and you have to unlock it by paying actual money.

Stick War Legacy vs Age of War storyline discussed above is all in all from this information we let you help decide one game for playing to kill your time.

Popularity Difference fo Stick War Legacy and Age of War

The popularity difference of Stick War Legacy vs Age of War can be know from a single stat, which is the number of downloads of both the games on Google Play Store. Well before you question why we are not talking about the ratings difference of Stick War Legacy vs Age of War, we answer you for that. The ratings of the game Stick War Legacy is 4.7 while Age of War is 4.4 on Google Play Store.

Popularity StatsStick War LegacyAge of War
Downloads100 Million10 Million
Stick War Legacy VS Age of War

Reviews are a statistic that cannot be measured, so you must manually examine the positive and negative reviews on Google Play Store and App Store. This statistic can be added to the popularity difference for Stick War Legacy vs Age of War. While for the convenience of our readers, we have uploaded reviews of Age of War and Stick War Legacy reviews from both Android and iOS users to our website so that they may choose which game to play or if they plan to play both.

Stick War Legacy vs Age of War (PC Versions)

Regardless of the platform we play the game on, there are differences between Stick War Legacy and Age of War. The differences between Stick War Legacy VS Age of War 2 remain whether we play the game on Android, iOS, or PC. The differences between units, skills, healing potential, weaponry, upgrades, and customization. The only thing that will be changed, though, is the keyboard and mouse shortcuts for the various game roles.

You not only get Stick War Legacy PC and Age of War PC files to download on our wesbite, but also Stick War Legacy MOD iOS and Age of War MOD iOS. Easy for you to decide which game to play which ever platform you use. The Stick War Legacy vs Age of War helps you to decide to which game is of your calliber.

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