Stick War Legacy Vs Stick War 3

Stick War Legacy and Stick War 3 both are strategy games developed by Max Games Studios. Both the Games are better versions of the Stick War game which was released in 2009.

Stick war legacy vs Stick war 3

Here, in this article we going to discuss what kind of Stick War Legacy Vs Stick War 3 exist have to offer .

PropertiesStick war LegacyStick War 3
Current Version2023.3.62023.2.2127
Released DateJan 31,2016Dec 11,2021
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 or aboveAndroid 5.0 or above
DeveloperMax Games StudiosMax Games Studios
iOS availabilityYesYes
File Size113 MB507.8 MB
Download100 M5 M+
Similarities and Differences

Basic Points of Stick War Legacy Vs Stick War 3

Here we are going to give the very general and basic differences that both the games possess. You can by reading them can decide, which game you want to play. You also get Stick War Legacy MOD VIP on stickwarlegacyapk.

Stick War LegacyStick War 3
Is a remake of the original game Stick WarIs different with a modern gameplay.
Has a simpler and traditional gameplayHas a complex storyline
Is based on Single-Player campaignMultiplayer mode make it famous
Is pixel art Style basedIs detailed art style based
Basic DIfferences

If we look at the storyline for both the games, the storyline for Stick War Legacy is very simple as in this you have to lead your army and attack the enemies in Inarmota. But in Stick War 3 you have more campaigns all with different storyline, the missions are also more open-ended, giving you more freedom to choose how you want to fight each battle.

Stick War Legacy doesn’t have a big story. Each level is its own fight, and there isn’t a single story that runs through them all. This makes the game easier to understand and more clear, but it also makes the story less interesting and immersive. Stick War 3 has a bigger story. The game is made up of different parts called “campaigns,” and each one has its own story. This makes the game harder and more complicated, but it also makes the story more interesting and exciting. Also read the comparison between Stick war legacy vs Age of war in

Which game has Stronger Units and Weapons

The Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3 is based on personal experience, we will give the difference between games but you according to your choice will decide which games is suitable for you.

In Stick War Legacy the rather simple units and weapons system. You can choose a weapon depending on the type of attack. In Stick war Legacy all the unist have their specific role during the war. Like if you talk about Sworwrath and Archer, both have their specific attack power. First one is melee while the later one are ranged attack units.

In Stick War 3 Both units and weapons, has the variety of abilities and upgrades. You can upgrade the abilites of your units like swordwrath can through the sword after by spending little in the game store. Or the weapons abilities can be upgraded like the attack, damage, and range. These too can be upgraded by spending your resources and the real money as per requirement in the game store and unlocking them.

Stick war Legacy Easy Gameplay

A very easy and simple game if you know the tricks to play and win the game. If you are good at keeping your defence strong and making your attacks powerful to the enemies bases. You will get the Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3 weapons, units, gameplay, and requirements.

ElementsTotal Number
Units 6 (Miner, Swordwrath, Archidon, Spearton, Magikill, Giant)
Game Modes4 (Classic, Missions, Tournaments, Endless Dead)
Difficulty levels3 (Normal, Hard, Insane)
Weapons8 for each unit
Spells9 in total
Upgrades ArmoryTotal 6 options available
Stick War Legacy

You can use spells in one go and you have to purchase them using gems or you can buy chests and you get spells in them at opening. Also in mission mode many times the spells are given for free. The 8 spells are:

  • Miner Hustle: miner start working at double speed for 30 seconds
  • Swordwrath Rage: The Attack Speed of Swordwrath is doubled for 20 seconds
  • Archidon Rage: A large number of arrows are thrown for 5 seconds without stopping
  • Spearton Madness: Speartons spears throw cando a double damage for 20 seconds
  • Golden Archidon: To get a legendary golden archidon
  • Heal All: The damage to the health of units can cause to game loss. But heal all heal all the units and get their health to full potential
  • Meric: A powerful healing unit can be attained by meric
  • Golden Spearton: When nothing works you can call the golden spearton from the higher ranked army
  • Summon the Elite: A group of elite soldiers can be called from westwind plains to win the almost lost game

Each unit get the options for the 8 different weapons for fighting. The upgarde option is only available in armory. You get the complete guide to play and win the game. You can spend money on gems and chests. The achievements option is available on the start screen of the game.

But if you want to play with other players, playing this game around the world and compete with them, you have to install Google Play Game on your device. For a fully unlocked game we provide you with Stick War Legacy MOD APK on our website.

Googl play Games

Stick War 3 with Stronger Elements

Stick War 3 has a very vast gameplay with many different elements to use in the game. A complete collection of the game Stick War 3 is mentioned precisely below. There is a strong elemental difference Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3 have.

ElementsTotal Numbers
Decks3 (Fire Army, Glacial Army, Army)
Units 23 for all Armies
Upgrades 9 for all Armies
Enchantments12 for all 3 Armies
Spells10 for all 3 Armies
3 Game ModesCampaign, Multiplayer, Single Player
Stick War 3

While in customization option you get hundred of options to choose from for your different units. While you have the option of setting in the top right corner of your screen for your audio, video, and gameplay. The picture with all the setting options is available below

Stick war 3 settings

The Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3 customization is not very prominent except for the fact that Stick War 3 give more option for customization and upgrades for the abilities than Stick War legacy.

With all the features of the game unlocked we provide you with the modified version of the game Stick War 3 MOD APK

Difference between Popularity of Stick War Legacy and Stick War 3

The popularity Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3 can be know from a single stat, which is the number of downloads of both the games on Google Play Store. Well before you question why we are not talking about the ratings Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3, we answer you for that. The ratings of the game Stick War Legacy is 4.7 while there is no rating count available for Stick War 3 on Google Play Store. Also ready the comparison between Stick war legacy vs Age of war 2.

Popularity StatsStick War LegacyStick War 3
Downloads100 Million5 Million
Popularity Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3

Another statistics that we can add in pupularity Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3 is the reviews which cannot be measured but you have to manually check the positive and negative reviews on Google Play Store and App Store. While for our audience ease we have added the Stick War Legacy reviews and Stick War 3 reviews from both Android and iOS users on our website for them to decide which game to play or if they will be playing both.

Is There Any Difference between Stick War Legacy PC and Stick War 3 PC?

There is a Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3 game difference regardless of which platform are we playing the game. Whether we play the game on Android devices, iOS devices or PC, the Stick War Legacy and Stick War 3 remains there. Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3 Units, abilties, healing power, weapons, upgrades, and customization. But only difference that will fascinate you are the keyboard and mouse shortcut keys for different tasks in the game.

Also the interesting option in the emulator you are using to play Android game on PC. Like Macro option in the BlueStack emulator. For detail on how to download, install and play games visit Stick war Legacy PC and Stick War 3 PC with theri respective files on our website.

An overview video on youtube to let you decide which game is better between both Stick War Legacy and Stick War 3. The overview is not from the current year but helps you understand a lot about the game.

There is also Stick War Legacy iOS on ou website and Stick War 3 to download and play. The very minor difference with respect to change of operating system can be graphics, few gameplay control options along with the major change in both the games gameplay and elements.

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