Reviews of Age of War 2 v.1.6.5 (Android and iOS)

The only thing that comes to our mind when downloading and playing a game is if we are going like it or not, and to know that particular answer you will be downloading and giving hours to that game. We are here to save you from this, and we save you clearly from wasting time. As per our information and observation as a player of the game Age of War 2, we will give a 100% analysis of this game from all the platforms and of all time.

We will try to give you a complete and genuine collection of reviews of Age of War 2 without being biased about whether we liked the game or not. Also if you have not played this game and want to give it a shot, we have given a detailed overview of the game.

  • How to play the game?
  • Features of the Age of War 2.
  • Tips and Tricks to Win.
  • How to get unlimited premium resources?

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How reviews of Age of War 2 will help you make a decision?

  • Complete understanding: The people giving reviews are the ones who had already used the product or service so they will share the genuine details that they felt using that product.
  • Develop credibility: When you hear from the people who used the product, you become confident in the product or service.
  • Issues identified: The issues are completely discussed in detail as everyone uses and understands the product in a different manner, so you will be getting a whole problem with the product.
  • Comparison: The comparison helps you to stick to your product or buy the better one.

Soon we will be giving a detailed comparison of the Strategy games developed by Max Games Studios to help you decide which one to play first. We are writing this because we know that you will be downloading all of them one after another to play. Just like reading reviews of Age of War 2 MOD APK helps you decide on the game, you can also download the Stick War Legacy MOD APK from our website after reading the reviews for it.

Is Age of War 2 Worth Playing? Here’s What Players Think

You need a variety of reviews from all the platforms that people are playing this game Age of War 2 so you decide which platform you be downloading it on.

First of all, we will discuss the popularity and reviews of Age of War 2 on the Google Play Store. The average rating count of the game is 4.3. The total download of the game Age of War 2 numbered 10 Million and still counting. The total number of reviews of Age of War 2 is 82.7 thousand. All this information is authentically taken from the Google Play Store.

reviews of Age of war 2

Now coming to the actual reviews of Age of War 2 from the players of Android devices, starting with the very first screenshot of the review given by a player on the Google Play Store.

The picture of the review is attached below:

Age of War 2 generals

In the above review, you can see how the player is appreciating the game and how addictive the Age of War 2 is. Buying the general mode may confuse you. But no worries we are going to guide you about that.

The game has two modes Classic and Generals. Classic is a free mode when you start playing the game but Generals is a premium mode and you have to pay actual money to buy that mode. The reason players are talking about buying the mode. But we allow you to access general mode for free if you download the Age of War 2 APK unlocked from our website.

The reviews of Age of War 2 not only include the review from the player but also the date of that review, so you get to know if the reviews are old or recent. Also how many people found these reviews helpful?

Age of War 2 generals

In the above-given review of Age of War 2, the players are writing tips about the general mode to play and win the game. Being talking about reviews of Stick War 3 or reviews of Stick War Legacy you will get a mix-up of everything. Good, Bad, and the ideas to win the game. Pretty interesting you get almost every kind of help in the reviews.

Age of war 2 Difficulty levels

The player is appreciating the developers for updating the game. The updates in the games come in the form of new features, added new levels, extra difficulty levels, or some new modes of the game. Updates help the players keep continuing the game due to something extra being added to the game. The game Age of War 2 is frequently updated. The reason they never lose their players.

Few Versions of Age of War 2 Android

The last time Age of War 2 was updated was in February 2023. The latest version of the game is 1.6.5. The addition in this version is two new generals and new skins. The Information on the Android capability is also mentioned. Devices with 4.4 or above Android will be able to play this game.

Age of war 2 latest version

We are going to mention all the versions of the game Age of War 2 along with their release dates. The versions are listed below in the table.

VersionRelease date
Version 1.0.0February 23, 2021
Version 1.1.0March 09, 2021
Version 1.2.0March 23, 2021
Version 1.3.0April 06, 2021
Version 1.4.0April 19, 2021
Version 1.5.0May 03, 2021
Version 1.6.0May 17, 2021
Version 1.6.1May 23, 2021
Version 1.6.2January 23, 2021
Reviews of Age of War 2 Versions

The gameplay of the game is moving at such a fast pace that you can’t even look five seconds away from the screen. A little bad and a little good from our point of view. One you are completely lost in the game as you have to cope with the fast gameplay. Secondly, such addiction can be bad for your physical as well as mental health for continuously looking at the screen and planning for strategies without break.

Another thing to be discussed is the ad pop-ups during the gameplay which slows down the game’s progress and most of the time you lose due to distraction. We provide Age of War 2 MOD APK which is an ad-free gameplay to avoid any kind of distraction.

Reviews for Age of War 2 Flash game

Age of war 2 flash

Age of War 2 Armor games, Flash was released in 2014. Developed by Max Games Studios and published by Armor Games. You can use different very well-reputed Flash players to play the Age of War 2 Max Games. Officially Age of War 2 no Flash has been implemented but still, we got a way for you to play the Flash game. A few of the Flash players are listed below:

  • Ruffle
  • BlueMaximas Flashpoint
  • Gnash 
  • SuperNova Player

But the Flash version that we have tried on is Crazy Games attaching the link to the game so you get the idea. The website embeds the code from Ruffle but the thing that we personally liked about the crazy games is that it works very efficiently without any kind of hard loading of the game or feature.

Crazy games age of war 2

We are going to attach a genuine and detailed review from a player on Reddit. The review may be old but it shows the immense popularity of the game in the past too.

Reddit Age of war 2

Now some other reviews of Age of War 2 are given below, won’t be exaggerating anything just simply read them from the player’s point of view and make your decision for the game.

Age of War 2 for iOS

We are going to discuss the reviews of Age of War 2 from iOS users from our point of view and the player’s point of view so you get a better understanding of the game.

The Average rating of the game on the App Store is 4.3 out of 5 and the total number of ratings as per the sources of the App Store is 695.

Age of War 2 App Store

From the reviews attached above in the image, you can see almost all the sentiments from players of the game Age of War 2. Some are happy with the game, some are not, some of them think that game needs improvements, and some of them think the game is nostalgic.

It’s not that developers are not taking suggestions seriously. They are always updating the game by reading the reviews of Age of War 2 from their players and try implementing them to improve the experience of the gamers.

Final Verdict

Age of War 2 is a sequel to the popular flash game Age of War. It is a tower defense game that allows you to control a variety of units to defend your base from waves of enemies. If you are a fan of tower defense games, then you will love Age of War 2. It is a well-made game with a lot of content to keep you entertained. The game is also very challenging, so you will need to use your strategic skills to defeat your enemies. If you are looking for a new and challenging tower defense game to play, then I highly recommend Age of War 2.

The reviews of Age of War 2 from all over the platforms are also a helping aid for deciding to play the game. We personally recommend you this game not only to entertain your brain but also to train your brain for better strategies and decision-making powers. You get relaxation by playing the MOD APK of Age of War 2 as no matter how much you play it you never get out of resources.

We have provided you the file to download and play Stick War 3 MOD APK to download and play. With a complete guide to the game on

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