Age of War Reviews v4.8 (Android and iOS)

Max Games Studios is the company behind the strategy game Age of War. We have covered all related information regarding the game Age of War. We have provided the Age of War MOD APK file with all the related tips to win the game. We have provided the Age of War PC version of the game, or you can even play the MOD APK on your PC using emulators. The complete guide to connect the APK file with an emulator is also available. The Age of War iOS-compatible file along with a step-by-step guide to download and install. In short, we have covered every single detail to make things easy for you.

Age of War for PC in Stickwarlegacy.cpm

Now comes the point where we convince you whether Age of War is worth downloading or playing or not.

Age of War Reviews

First of all, we are going to give you a review from our side, which includes what the game is, how we like all the features, and what needs to be improved. After our very own review, we will share and compile the Age of War Review from different platforms, which include the Google Play Store, the App Store, and Reddit. You should also read stick war legacy vs Age of war to select your favorite game.

Our Review for Age of War

Features of the game

If we talk about the features of the game, they include:

  • You get 5 eras to play in the game. Interesting!
  • You get 16 units of three types (infantry, ranged, and heavy) to fight.
  • You can grow and expand your empire by taking control of your enemies’ territory.
  • You can play two different game modes. And you can participate in the multiplayer mode of the game.

These features with their every inch are discussed in the Features of Age of War on our website

How do we like the Age of War?

Age of War is a fun tower defense real-time strategy game. For fans of the strategy genre, its intuitive gameplay, appealing visuals, and different eras make it a must-play. Age of War will keep you going back to conquer the centuries and lead your civilization to victory. Another strategy game that we recommend downloading is Stick War Legacy MOD APK on our website.

Expanding the unit collection and adding upgrades or abilities could give gamers more strategic options. This would increase customization and specialization, allowing players to try alternative unit combinations and tactics.

How Age of War can be Improved

The Games need to be improved and updated after every few times, as new updates or features can help attract new players and also help retain the old ones. The few improvements that we realized should be done to Age of War playing the game are:

  • Increase unit squad variation and strategic choices.
  • Add unit upgrades or abilities to encourage customization and specialization.
  • To increase gaming depth, include era objectives and missions.
  • Make the instructional video easier for new players.
  • Leaderboards encourage competition and player motivation.
  • Regular updates and balancing patches address player feedback and improve gameplay.
  • Engage players through the story via a campaign mode.

Review of Age of War from Google Play Store (Android Users)

If we look at the stats from the Google Play Store, we get an idea of how much people are loving the game. The Age of War reviews on the Google Play Store is a mix of good and bad. The genuine users are actually recommending improvements to the game. The ratings of the game are 4.4 and the review count is 260,000. While the total download of the game on the Google Play Store is more than 10 Million.

Age of War reviews Google Play store

The developers of the game are constantly looking up Age of War reviews on these authentic platforms to make the game better. With every new update, many of the problems are solved and recommendations are fulfilled.

Below, we have added screenshots of Age of War Reviews from different players of the game to help you understand a broad view of the game:

First of all, we have not removed the name of any reviewer, so you can get an idea of the authenticity of the data we are providing. You can even check out the reviews for other Max Studios strategy games like Stick War Legacy Reviews, Stick War 3 Reviews, and Age of War 2 Reviews. All three game review articles contain reviews from the Google Play Store, App Store, and Reddit. We also include any other review on Google that can add some additional information to the review point of view for the games.

You can see people comparing the game with other games of Max Games Studios like Age of War 2 in Age of War Reviews. We got another perfect detailed article on the Age of War as a review to give you a comprehensive guide on why to love this game. A forum with 100% genuine Age of War reviews that you can read.

Android Metrics

Rating4.4 Stars
Review260 K
Downloads10 Million +
CompatibilityAndoird 2.3 or above
DevicesCompatible with almost all Android devices
Android Info

Age of War is a Flash game as a starter then shifted to Android for ease of its players. The reason for playing this game is nostalgia for many. You can even see how many people on the Google Play Store are considering the Age of War Reviews helpful that we have added for you.

Reviews for Age of War by iOS Users

The game Age of War is not just popular among Android users but also making prominence among iPhone users also. If we collectively see the stats of the game are only available for Android and iPhone but not for PC and Mac. Let’s look at the popularity numbers of the game Age of War on the App Store. The game has 4.4 collectively from 600 ratings in total.

Age of war ratings app store

The Age of War Reviews on the App Store also contains an unbiased review. The player of the game are genuinely addressing the developers to make amendments to the game so it can be played more.

iOS Metrics

Ratings4.4 Stars
ReviewsNo stats Available
DownloadsNo Stats Available
CompatibilityiOS 6.0 or Later
DevicesCompatible with most the iPhones, iPad, and iPods
iOS info

Reviews for Age of War from Reddit

Reddit is a platform where people give detailed reviews without any limit on the characters. The users on Reddit also help you with all kinds of tips that can help you play the game and win the impossible levels of the game.

In the images attached below, You can see people are happy to win the game and showing their achievements to encourage other people to download and play it. A person on Reddit has even shared the journey of winning the impossible difficulty level of the game and shared the complete guide on how you can win that too.

If you want to read the complete guide to win the impossible difficulty level of the game you can click here for the guide.

Final Verdict

Looking for an incredibly addictive and engaging strategy game? Look no further than Age of War! With a solid rating of 4.4 stars on Google Play Store and App Store, as well as an enthusiastic community on Reddit, look at Age of War Reviews, and how it has captivated players worldwide. Users praise its intuitive gameplay, combining tower defense and real-time strategy elements, making it easy to learn yet challenging to master. The vibrant graphics and immersive sound effects enhance the overall experience, transporting you through different eras of history.

The game’s replay value is commendable, offering multiple eras, diverse units, and difficulty levels to conquer. It’s not just the players who love it; critics and reviewers also laud Age of War for its addictiveness and strategic depth. Join the millions of players who have already embraced this addictive gem and download Age of War today. Download it Age of War MOD APK from our website to play and enjoy.

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