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Age of War is a strategy game by Max Games Studios. The Age of War was initially released as a flash game developed by Louissi. The Age of War release date for the  Flash game is October 2007. The Flash version of the game Age of War was trendy for the Flash game among the people at that time. The game Age of War today is nostalgic for the people who still play the game but many like the Flash version more.

Age of War reviews Google Play store

The Flash version of the game Age of War was terminated on December 31st, 2020 due to the Adobe announcing the end of their Flash player. A lot of criticism of Adobe Flash made them decide to close of Flash player.

Age of War Android Devices Release Date

The Android device’s Age of War release date as mentioned on the Google Play Store is 13th Nov 2014. The game for Android devices was released way before the closure of the Flash game due to its popularity and demand. The game was in popular order for all platforms including PC, iOS, and Android.

On our website, you will get Age of War for all Platforms to download and play. You can even download the Age of War MOD APK which is the modified version of the game for you to get premium features for free from our website.

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The requirement of the game Age of War is that you need an Android version 2.8 or above to play this game on your mobile. While the last update of this game was on May 4th, 2015.  You can also check best mobiles to play Age of War with perfect gameing features.

Age of War Trailer Release Date

The release date for the trailer for Age of War is November 7th, 2014. The trailer was released on the “MaxGamesGuides” youtube channel. Even the views for the trailer are 3.9 Million.

The Background music is also very famous which is Glorious Morning by Waterflames. You can watch the trailer of the game Age of War below:

Age of War Trailer

Age of War iOS Release Date

On App Store, there is no information for the exact Age of War release date. But if we go to the history of the versions, the very first version which is 1.0 was released on May 21st, 2015. On App Store, you will see very good ratings and reviews on average for the game. This shows that Age of War is highly appreciated on all platforms. You can download the Age of War iOS version on our website.

age of war iOS release date

Though there is not any difference between the gameplay of Age of War for Android devices or Age of War for iOS devices there is a difference between the current version of the game for both platforms. The version of the game on the Google Play Store is 4.3 while on App Store it is 1.3.

Is Age of War Released for PS4 and PS5?

As per information from the Age of War after the termination of Adobe Flash Player, the game is only available for mobile devices or PC but not for the gaming consoles like PS4 or PS5. Though there are many websites that allow you to play the game in their website online without downloading it on your PC. You can also play Age of War on PC offline by downloading it from our website by following the installation guide.

Why is the Age of War So Popular?

A strategy game with interesting features to enjoy. The game is liked by many due to its real age of wartime aesthetic. Though the graphics of the game is the illustrations for different characters, the vibe is a mix of fun and the intensity of the war. You can also read the comparison between stick war legacy vs age of war.

  • There are a total 5 age eras that you get to play in the game
  1. Stone Age (The very first and easiest era of the game)
  2. Medieval Age (The second era of the game with a little more intense gameplay than the stone age)
  3. Renaissance Age (The third era of the Age of War with more destructive weapons)
  4. Industrial Age (The fourth era of the game with industrial touch as the name suggests)
  5. Modern Age (The fifth and the last era of the game with all the latest technology to fight the enemy)
  • Three difficulty levels of the game (normal, harder, impossible)
  • There are 2 modes of gameplay for Age of War 2 (Classic, General)
  • There are three types of units in Age of War (Infantry, Ranged, and Heavy). All are used in different types of combats with different purposes.
  • You get all kinds of upgrades and customization which include the towers and arsenal (weapons).

Updates for Age of War Till Date

From the initial Age of War release date to this day many times the game has been updated. Each time the game was updated a few new features were added to the original version of Age of War. The versions and the Age of War release date for those versions is mentioned in the table below

Age of War Version Updates

VersionRelease DateCompatibility
v1.0October 20, 2007Flash
v1.1December 15, 2007Flash
v1.2February 14, 2015Flash
v1.3September 11, 2017Flash
v1.4February 14, 2021Flash
v4.8May 4, 2015Android 2.3+
Age of War Release Date

The table not only includes the Android version but also the Flash versions of the game. The Updated version of the Age of War release date is May 4, 2015. In the latest version 4.8, the General mode was added to the game. You can also get the Max Games Studio’s other strategy game Age of War 2 Release Date, Stick War Legacy Release Date, and Stick War 3 Release Date for Both Android and iOS.

iOS Version Updates

VersionRelease DateCompatibility
1.0May 21, 2015iOS 6.0 or later
1.1Jun 6, 2015iOS 6.0 or later
1.2Jun 9, 2015iOS 6.0 or later
1.3Sep 11, 2017iOS 6.0 or later
Age of War Release Date (iOS)

Final Verdict

The information regarding the Age of War release date along with all the updated versions of the game helps you get the latest version on your mobiles. Along with the Age of War version information, our website contains all the required information to convince you to download the game from our website to get all the premium features for free. Download and install the game to enjoy the fun and playful graphics with intense strategies using towers as a defense. Even the installation guide is available on our website.

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